Editorial 5—Out of Focus Domesticity

Global contagion has brought about changes at many different scales, including that which we inhabit daily. While the role of the domestic in our lives becomes clearer, our relationship to time and space is beginning to blur. At the same time, we are starting to see an attention to the details that emerge in the performance of our constant present. Our daily rhythms have gone awry; we are homing in while spiraling out. With this in mind, this editorial explores what it means to stay at home, as much personal as critical, as much within the confinement of four walls as beyond them. It will delve into topics such as feminism and productive frictions, touching and exploring in digital spaces, the temporary and the temporal, dwelling as postponing, fictions and fiddling, mediums for gesturing, and experiments in designing for the unknown. As the editorial unfolds, some spaces that we reside in may slowly come into focus while others, instead, will open up new questions, paths, and domestic feelings.

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A very personal “species of spaces” that became our starting point for Out of Focus Domesticity.

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Remise Immanuelkirchstrasse by JWA BERLIN with Ralf Wilkening Architect

A new building was built on old foundations to house the new offices of the start-up REMISE in Berlin, Germany.

AMEND: Chris Emile Moves, Heals, and Opens Dialogues in Schindler House

An exhibition and performance series exploring Black male identity through movement, cinema, and sound in the iconic modern house.

Useable Tableware Designs That Go Beyond Usability

Jouw, the store of the experimental gastronomy project Steinbesser, has invited forty designers and artists to re-think plates and utensils.

Casa Sierra Fría by Esrawe Studio

Noble materials, simple forms, and a lush courtyard make up this single-family home located in Mexico City.

House in “La Place” by Deschenaux Architectes

A house that reinterprets Swiss vernacular architecture and is developed on a steep slope.

Ishawooa Mesa Ranch by Lake|Flato Architects

A single-family house in Wyoming that overlays traditional construction methods with a contemporary way of living.

Pure Space by Elisa Silva

A book that explores public space within the complex dialogue of planned and unplanned settlements in Latin America.

Concordia Design Wrocław by MVRDV

The transformation of a heritage building into a dynamic creative hotspot.

School Extension in Lugrin by ateliers O-S architectes

An autonomous and rigorous volume that makes use of the local archetypical figure, a barn.

Casa en la Huerta by WOHA Arquitectura

A 150-year-old house in an alfalfa orchard is renovated and extended to give a contemporary character to the traditional.

Karen Kubey on Spatial Justice Through Social Housing

This episode explores bridging the gap between politics and design in affordable housing.

Haus Salzkammergut by INNOCAD

A conversion and a new construction for a mixed-use building in Gmunden, Austria.

Cà Ospiti by Stocker Lee Architetti

Located in Switzerland, this residential building highlights the potential of the existing area with its simple and light grey volume.

Sint-Lucas School of Arts Antwerp by Atelier Kempe Thill

The transformation and extension of the new Arts campus in the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp.

Café Roquet by NUA arquitectures

This project transformed an old accountancy office into a café in Valls, Spain.

Pam and Paul’s House by Craig Steely Architecture

A single-family house that takes advantage of the sloped terrain and generates a low impact on the natural surroundings.

Infinite Scrolls and Touching Keys

Can digital exhibitions be laboratories for rethinking bodies in space?

This is My Square by Conjuntos Empáticos (Sálvora Feliz + Marta Benito + Tomás Pineda)

A project that studies the possibilities within the use of public space with a series of temporary-inflatable devices.

Hospice de Liefde by studio AAAN with De Kovel Architecten

The former farm outside Rotterdam has been extended and renovated into a care home.

Let the Building Talk: An Exploration of Chybik + Kristof’s Practice

Open questions juxtaposed with the studio’s projects continues the dialogue that emerged in The NESS Podcast episode.

Chybik + Kristof On Working Theory Through Experience and Buildings Getting Old

We talk with, Ondřej Chybík and Michal Krištof, the founders of the Czech Republic-based studio.

Reading Space in Ca’n Terra by Ensamble Studio

Experience Ca’n Terra in a virtual reality exhibition commissioned by ‘T’ Space.

Jardín Guardia Vieja by Ariel Jacubovich | Oficina de Arquitectura

A renovation of a PH, a traditional typology, in Buenos Aires.

A World of Many Worlds by Elii Architecture and María Jerez

This design for Casa Decor 2020 is worth revisiting as it asks us to question our current moment.

New Future for an Outdated Office: Villa Stardust by MVRDV

The design transforms a former commercial building into a private home.

Fracking Landscapes, Regenerative Empathy, and Ocean Energy Landscapes

Three projects by the Argentinian Landscape architect Stefano Romagnoli.

Stefano Romagnoli on Landscape and Researching Ocean Energy in Patagonia

Romagnoli talks with our editor Lisa Naudin about his current research project.

A Learning Factory: T2-campus Thorpark Genk by Atelier Kempe Thill

This new educational facility for the Limburg region demanded a new typology that combines theoretical and practical spaces together.

Sculpted Forms: Heads House by SILO

A familiar sculptural form becomes the shape of this family house located in Goshen, Arkansas.

Composing Community: Treehouse by Bo-DAA

A design that rethinks co-living in Seoul.

Design as Project: Tibu and Sequoia Bar Stools

A thoughtful look at classic designs.

Clear and Pure: Carmen House by Carles Faus Arquitectura

A house in Ibiza that fuses with the exterior with a quiet all-white design.

Ambiguous Room: House Along a Wall by FALA

A former garage is organized by the inclusion of a new wall in an existing multi-family building in Porto.

Carlos Mínguez Carrasco. Ph. Courtesy of ArkDes

Carlos Mínguez Carrasco on ArkDes’s current show Kiruna Forever

A conversation about the importance of making a show during the process of the total relocation of an arctic town.

Wholesome Design: Bee Home by SPACE 10, Bakken & Bæck, and Tanita Klein

Ikea teams up with designers to develop a free open-source Bee Home design that can be built worldwide.

On the Screen: “Bodybuilding Architecture and Performance”

From your living room, you can experience this online exhibition that raises important questions.

Pylonesque by Pareid Ph. Beer Singnoi

Playful and Efficient: Pylonesque by Pareid

A multi-purpose space for a middle school that considers the shifts from wet to dry periods in Thailand.

Casa Bamba by CCPM Ph. Javier Agustín Rojas

Contemporary Solutions: Casa Bamba by CCPM

The renovation of a typical Buenos Aires chorizo house through the design of an intelligent envelope.

A Luminous Solution: First House by Hanghar

A total renovation of an old apartment that distributes space through the use of incorporated furniture.

One of a Kind: Fuso, the Crystal Collection by Ries

A handblown glassware collection that captures matter in a unique and organic state.

Erlenmatt Ost by Abraha Achermann Ph. Rasmus Norlander

Practical Flexibility: Erlenmatt Ost by Abraha Achermann

Two new residential buildings propose a non-conventional typological variety in Basel.

NESS Reads, Watches, Explores, Listens, and Shares

A list of what is inspiring us as we #stayhome.