Editorial 1—Mad World Pictures

This editorial takes the name of our second printed issue and furthers its contents as we persistently attempt to break into the madness, into the fragments and themes that make up the reality of the many worlds and fictions we live in.
290 Colony Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 2019. Courtesy of Michael Maltzan Architecture

Michael Maltzan Architecture: To Build a Culture

A peek at some projects under construction and an extract of a conversation with Daniela Freiberg about the diversity of work produced in his office.

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Model studies for Structures of Landscape, Montana, 2016. Courtesy of Ensamble Studio

Ensamble Studio: Between Play and Representation

Ensamble Studio talks with Pablo Gerson about model-making, music, and videos.

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Chicureo House II by Cristian Izquierdo. © Roland Halbe

Chicureo House II by Cristian Izquierdo

A single-family house in uptown Santiago de Chile.

River Lab in the Critical Zone by Courtesy Alexandra ArènesFrédérique Aït-Touati, Alexandra Arènes, Axelle Gérgoire,  The Soil Map   (detail),  Terra Forma, manuel de cartographies potentielles,  2019. © the artists.

Critical Zones. Observatories for Earthly Politics.

An exploration of the Critical Zone with Bruno Latour and Alexandra Arènes.

The Librarian Room. Courtesy of Parasite 2.0. Ph. Alec Latan

Total Hybridization by Parasite 2.0

A profile on this liminal design enterprise investigating the status of human habitats.

Xylem by Kéré Architects. ©Iwan Baan

Xylem by Kéré Architects

Kéré Architects designs a wooden pavilion located at the Tippet Rise Art Center in Montana, USA.

Into the Hedge_Plan. Courtesy of SO – IL

Into the Hedge: A New Commission by SO – IL

SO – IL has been commissioned by Exhibit Columbus to create a temporary installation on the Bartholomew County Courthouse Lawn.

A History of the Future

Artists Sayler / Morris photograph fragments of climate change in Peru.

Jing Liu of SO – IL and Florencia Rodriguez in conversation.

SO – IL: A Conversation with Jing Liu

Jing Liu and Florencia Rodriguez talk about the practice, “cocooning,” and productive misunderstandings.

eggio School by Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation. © Courtesy of Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation

Reggio School by Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation

Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation releases the design of Reggio School in Encinar de los Reyes, Madrid.

Walls of Air at New York’s Americas Society. Ph. ONWHITEWALL

Walls of Air at New York’s Americas Society

The Brazilian Pavilion exhibition at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale was on view in New York City from June to August, 2019.

“Cyborg Garden – Mutant Institute of Environmental Narratives.” Exhibition design by elii. Ph. Imagen Subliminal

Cyborg Garden–Mutant Institute of Environmental Narratives / Eco-visionaries

Architecture office elii designs two contiguous exhibitions that address climate change in Madrid.

Olafur Eliasson: In real life. Ph. Pablo Gerson

Olafur Eliasson: In real life

Danish/Icelandic artist amazes in his return to the Tate Modern.

Garden Hotpot Restaurant by MUDA-Architects. © Arch-Exist - MUDA-Architects

Garden Hotpot Restaurant by MUDA-Architects

Chinese office MUDA Architects designs a restaurant in a lotus pond hidden in a eucalyptus forest.

The Zone, an interactive installation by Pablo DeSoto and Román Torre. Courtesy of Pablo DeSoto

Radical maps: Cartography as a Tool of Action

Artist and scholar Pablo DeSoto on building a critical cartographic imagination to protect the commons.

Model for the Neotenic Exhibition. Courtesy of Jumbo.

Jumbo and Juan Garcia Mosqueda on the Warm, the Cute & the Chair

A conversation about Jumbo’s Neotenic design practice and its larger implications on consumerism and design.

Brazilian Embassy, Santiago de Chile, 2012 – 2017. Courtesy of ipiña+nieto. Photos: Pablo Casals

A Palace Exposed

Luis Úrculo (un)veils ipiña+nieto’s project for the Brazilian Embassy in Santiago de Chile.

Twin Houses by Extrastudio. © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Twin Houses by Extrastudio

Breathtaking views from this holiday house in Sesimbra, Portugal

Les pido que si ven algo que me dicen en que dispositivo (iPhone 7+, MacBook Pro 13” etc.) y con que browser (safari, chrome, firefox, etc.).

Aquí Vive Gente at Storefront for Art and Architecture

The exhibition Aquí vive gente marks a new direction for Storefront Art and Architecture under the lead of José Esparza Chong Cuy.

De Río a Sur, 2019, a collection that represents Argentinian design. Courtesy Lafeliz.

Lafeliz: An Exploration of Argentinian Design

A peek at Lafeliz’s new collection De Río a Sur and their unique approach to design.