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A First for Mexico: The MDF Mexico Design Fair

A First for Mexico: The MDF Mexico Design Fair

Courtesy of MDF Mexico Design Fair

With a view to set the international stage for the Mexican design market as well as to open up new channels for discussion, the MDF Mexico Design Fair has announced its inaugural event. It will take place from May 22-24, 2020 in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. Operating from a curatorial perspective, with pieces selected by Mexican architect and curator Carlos Torre Hütt, the festival will create a narrative that allows for exhibitors and visitors alike to witness the unfolding of the story of Mexican Design.

The fair was commissioned by a group of international collectors from Italy, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Mexico. It will be a hybrid event that sits between a commercial fair and an exhibition and that allows for the collection and production of Mexican design. It aims to achieve a balance between the local history and the international scene.

The MDF Mexico Design Fair follows a recent boom in Mexican design, both in terms of a growing number of studios as well as new places for dissemination and discussion including: Galería Mexicana de Diseño (1990), ADN (2008), Casa Gutiérrez Nájera (2011), Capitales (2018), and AGO Projects (2019). The fair continues this trend, while bringing into play a focus on the value of design and the market.

The choice of holding the fair in Puerto Escondido, in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, also continues a current tendency as the area is slowly becoming a center for creative professionals and projects. The main location for the fair will be the Casa Naila, a project designed by Alfonso Quiñones from the architecture studio BAAQ. Casa Naila represents a contemporary Mexican architecture that stays to true to a local identity.

Casa Naila, designed by BAAQ

During the fair, an award for Designer of the Year will be presented. The award will go to a designer who is an active member of the Mexican industry and whose work can be seen as an agent of change as well as a paradigm of excellence. The jury for the award includes: Grisell Villasana (Designer, Curator, and Researcher), Lourdes Baez (Cultural Promoter and Director of la Fundación Conmemoraciones), Eduardo Cadaval (Co-founder of the studio Cadaval & Solà-Morales and Associate-Professor in the Escuela Técnica Superior de Barcelona), and Héctor Rivero Borrell (Researcher, Curator, and Director of the Museum Franz Mayer from 1993-2018).

Héctor Rivero Borrell and Grisell Villasana, jury members of the Designer of the Year Award, with Carlos Torre, the Director of the festival.

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