Ph. Mariam Samur

–NESS is a suffix that gives an adjective or pronoun the possibility of becoming a noun. It invokes new ideas, senses and meanings. It is playful, suggestive, and edgy.

–NESS is a printed magazine about architecture, life, and urban. It embodies Lots of architecture –publisher’s mission and spirit by addressing new ways of thinking about the built environment and singular phenomena.

We are in continual dialogue with provocative designers, users, developers, and thinkers, to expand and diversify our conversations and to be open to new visions and ideas. With more than 200 pages in each issue, –NESS will be distributed bimonthly, making it an active participant in ongoing debates and events.

–NESS intends to be a publication of reference for students and practitioners. A large proportion of the contents will be complemented online.We count on the talents of a list of brilliant writers and photographers who are enthusiastic collaborators with the project.

A Board of Notables is also being formed to encourage the immersion of Lots of architecture –publishers in a very active disciplinary network.

Letter from the editors