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Active and Welcoming: Skovbakke School by CEBRA

Active and Welcoming: Skovbakke School by CEBRA

Skovbakke School by CEBRA Ph. Adam Mørk

In Skovbakken in Odder, near Aarhus, Denmark, students and teachers welcome their new school designed by CEBRA. In addition to being the biggest investment in a new building in the Odder Municipality, it is designed on a human scale and includes recognizable motives such as pitched roofs and supports for modern education and teaching.

Ph. Adam Mørk

Skovbakken is a primary school for 650 students. The new building replaces an existing school. In its scale, its architectonic expression, and its materials, it is inspired by the surrounding neighborhood and public forest.

The original trees have been preserved to create a transition from the building to the green surroundings. The trees that were cut down have been repurposed as interior furnishings. Wood is a repeating accent that is found in the entrances and the striking staircase. This use of wood creates a harmonious relationship between the architecture and its material.

The school is welcoming, which is emphasized in its layout with three structures that are oriented towards a central atrium. Each structure opens up to the surroundings and establishes diverse and interesting landscapes and building spaces, both externally and internally.

The school has a special focus on exercise as a natural part of daily life. Incorporating this into the design, the fire access routes in the common areas are designed as tracks for exercise and, in each classroom, there is an area designed specifically for physical activity. The school’s multi-gym is directly linked to the school’s common room, allowing it to be used as an active play and movement area during breaks.

Ph. Adam Mørk

DATE: 2015-2017 / LOCATION: Odder, Denmark / AREA: 9300 m2 (built) / PROGRAM: Educational facility / STATUS: built / DESIGN: CEBRA / CONSULTANT: MT Højgaard (Engineer) / PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: DEAS / CLIENT: Odder Kommune / PHOTOS: Adam Mørk

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