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You can donate $500 and obtain a free subscription for the first year or you can donate $1000 and obtain a free lifetime subscription.

You will be mentioned permanently in our credit pages and receive all the Monographic editions for free.

You will be invited to public and private events around the world.

We look forward to adding benefits to your membership as the project grows in time.

And do not doubt we will be forever grateful!

Founding Sponsors

Becoming a Founder Sponsor gives your company the privilege of receiving special discounts for advertising, naming rights for the events and/or Monographic editions. Your company representatives will be invited to events, special private dinners and meetings that will put you in touch with the key professionals of your interest.

Sponsors in the architectural and design field whose clients are leading architectural offices will be able to set up a brand association with an event through a partnership basis, assuring high quality content and important discipline contributions.

In addition to advertising packages, –NESS Magazine develops original content for companies interested in alternative creative solutions to expand their marketing strategies.

We offer in-house production using our editorial expertise and know-how with equal levels of quality and time, assuring tailor made solutions. Content is developed by our editorial team, led by the editor-in-chief, and engaging the talents of the superior photographers whose work is featured in our publications.

Make your company part of a broad network of knowledge and expand your potential connections with practitioners, developers and decision-makers.

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