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Ambiguous Room: House Along a Wall by FALA

Ambiguous Room: House Along a Wall by FALA

The program for a former garage of a housing block was kept in limbo: maybe it is an apartment, a shop, a café, or an art gallery. Designed by FALA, a freely curved wall solves the existing spatial inconsistencies and creates one long continuous room connecting the street with the garden. The main living area and a set of potential secondary programs are separated by the wavy white surface and light flows freely through the living gallery.

Ph. Ricardo Loureiro 

The old metal gate is replaced with a set of strict hammered glass panels. A circle of black marble, which is both a door handle and a mailbox, marks the entrance and addresses the city. The back façade is completely open, defining a composition of isolated elements: a sliding window, a blue concrete freestanding column, a final circle of black marble. The backyard has a seamless perimeter of rough white walls, a terrace, and a calm garden.

The materiality of the project is light and abstract. The space is defined through the geometry of the terrazzo floor pattern and a number of carefully placed elements. The white-blue triangulated terrazzo pattern follows the curved wall, allowing the living area to maintain a certain unity and coherence. The flying kitchen counter, three green doors, and the circular opening imply possible usages while suggesting also a certain complexity. The garage, that could still work as such, becomes an uncertain spatial experience.


DATE: 2018 / LOCATION: Porto, Portugal / AREA: 150 m2 (built) / PROGRAM: private house  / STATUS: built / DESIGN: FALA / TEAM: Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares, Ahmed Belkhodja, Costanza Favero, Ana Lima, Lera Samovich, Joana Sendas, Paulo Sousa / CONSTRUCTION: Civiflanco lda / LANDSCAPE: Pomo / PHOTOS: Ricardo Loureiro 

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