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Architectural Bites

Architectural Bites

Courtesy Ryan L Foote

Taking architectural forms, these chocolates designed by Hong Kong and Melbourne based innovative artist known for his food design work, large installation art, and high-end immersive Food-Art events, Ryan L Foote, are made using 3D printing. The designs took several years of research and experimentation and were finally launched in summer 2019. The ingredients for the soft-centers take inspiration from the natural and local ingredients of the Asia Pacific region. Perhaps, with each unique bite, form finally meets the senses in a powerful and direct way?

Foote’s earlier Food-Art creations—edible diamonds, food, and aroma pairings, completely monochrome dining settings—took a turn when he furthered his attention to chocolate and combined it with innovative 3D-printing technologies, creating collections of chocolates that look more like art—and architecture—than food.

Foote says, “For the last few years I have been working on reinventing the traditional soft-centered chocolate for the digital age. I wanted to create something visually engaging and reflective both of contemporary design and culinary influences.”

Visually, Foote takes inspiration from geological formations, natural minerals, and the built world of architecture to create his complex bite-size pieces of art. And for the flavor profiles, the artist explores ingredients from his two homes: Melbourne and Hong Kong. The collections encapsulate unfamiliar Australian botanicals, traditional Hong Kong inspired flavors, and a range of single-origin chocolate from the Asia Pacific region, each with its own unique flavor profile. 

The Australian collection includes flavors like White Chocolate & Wattleseed, Cinnamon Myrtle, Manuka Honey & Macadamia Nut, and Dark Chocolate & Mountain Pepperberry, while the Hong Kong collection explores flavors such as Aged Mandarin Rind, Egg Tart, Caramel Char Siu, and Salted Coconut Tart.

Complementing Foote’s signature chocolates is a range of hand-made ceramic pieces, including 3D-generated ceramics cups (ideal for drinking hot chocolate) and plates with unique crystalline glazes that reflect the complex chocolate tempering process. Paired with the chocolates, these pieces make for a truly rarified chocolate experience.

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