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Architecture as Experience: Your Reflection by Guillermo Hevia García and Nicolás Urzúa

Architecture as Experience: Your Reflection by Guillermo Hevia García and Nicolás Urzúa

Your reflection by Guillermo Hevia García and Nicolás Urzúa Ph. Adrian Aleson

This project is featured in 2: “Landscape as Urbanism in the Americas.” The issue takes its name from a project led by the Office for Urbanization at Harvard GSD. It explores the potentials for landscape as a medium of urban intervention in the specific social, cultural, economic, and ecological contexts of Latin American cities. The issue will be available very soon. Sign-up to our newsletter to be the first to know! 

The architects Guillermo Hevia García and Nicolás Urzúa wanted to build an uncertain experience, a situation of estrangement, one which it is not intended to be controlled; and as a result, the possibilities of reflection and deformation that are provoked by the concave and convex mirrored steel bi-dimensional planes are infinite. Explored freely within a park in Chile, the project produces an interaction belonging to a world of illusions, more surreal than real. The visitor is always ready for what is going to surprise them next.

The materialization of this experience is achieved through two operations. The first is the definition of a topography, a landscape with smooth mounds covered in grass and spongy vegetation and colored by an infinite number of wildflowers. A small creek runs through it.

The second operation is the insertion of three mirrored aluminum bi-dimensional planes that build a series of inside and outside spaces, eliminating the limits, disappearing, letting the reflected surroundings become the real project. These planes are embedded in the ground and configured and structured using an abundance of concavities and convexities, which allows for it to be self-supported and on the same level throughout (3.2 m high and 25 mm thick). 

“We wanted to change the center of the object’s proposal to the experience of the subject, their interaction and that of others, and how their surroundings or context will be reflected and deformed with them and in front of them. In the end, we do not intend on building a closed proposal, but rather articulating a universe of sensations and experiences open to many interpretations,” the architects say. 

LOCATION: Parque Araucano, Santiago, Chile / PROJECT DATE: 2015 / CONSTRUCTION DATE: 2016 / SITE AREA: 600 m2 / DESIGN TEAM: Guillermo Hevia García, Nicolás Urzúa, archs. / COLLABORATORS: Felipe Droppelmann, Cristian Fuhrhop, Cristóbal Montalbetti, Diego Rivera / CONSULTANTS: Hunter Douglas Chile, structural engineering and construction / PHOTOS: Adrian Aleson 

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