Eleni Petaloti & Leonidas Trampoukis are LOT & objects of common interest.


NESS 1 features the work of Eleni Petaloti and Leonidas Trampoukis. They left their home country of Greece ten years ago to pursue their graduate studies at the University of Columbia and then chose to stay in New York. In 2012, they founded the architectural and design firm LOT, and three years later, the younger objects of common interest arrived to support the former. It is fair to say that last year marked a turning point for these architects’ careers. Both of their sibling practices­–as they call them–took part in outstanding exhibitions in which they could deploy their aptitudes to shift from one scale to the other with subtle sophistication. The object within architecture, the architecture within the object, coexist in their mode of thought in the form of a reciprocal relation based in design, material, and production processes.

Find below the fabrication process behind their simple, beautiful, and chic objects.

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