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At The Luss House Exhibition

At The Luss House Exhibition

Art galleries Blum & Poe and Mendes Wood DM, along with art and design fair platform Object & Thing announced At The Luss House an exhibition of newly created contemporary art and design including site-specific works, at the former home of architect and designer Gerald Luss that he designed and completed for his family in 1955 in Ossining, New York. On view from May 7 – July 24, 2021, At The Luss House continues to explore the possibilities of connecting today’s artistic ideas with those of past eras through the presentation of contemporary art and design within an architect’s own domestic environment as the organizers also did last fall at the home of industrial designer and Harvard Five architect, Eliot Noyes

View of the Luss House by Gerald Luss where the exhibition will take place. Ph: Michael Biondo

This house was Luss’s first freestanding architectural project and where he lived during the three years he spent working on the Time-Life project in New York. The home was used for many planning meetings between Luss and Time-Life staff and employs a similar connection between interior and exterior environments as well as shared materials and color schemes. At 94 years old, Luss is a collaborative partner in the exhibition, lending examples of his furniture and designs.

The exhibition features works from 18 international artists in response to the house’s environment, including Alma Allen, Lucas Arruda, Cecily Brown, Green River Project LLC, Eddie Martinez, Ritsue Mishima, Johnny Ortiz, Frances Palmer, Paulo Monteiro, and Marina Perez Simão among others.

1. Kishio Suga, Internal Boundary in Formation, 2010 (Blum & Poe) / 2. Ritsue Mishima, Ouvo di Neve, 2021 (Object & Thing) / 3. Paulo Monteiro, Untitled, 2018 (Mendes Wood DM) / 4. Eddie Martinez, Ideal Location, 2021 (Blum & Poe) / 5. A group of vases by Frances Palmer, 2021 (Object & Thing) / 6. Alma Allen, Not Yet Titled, 2019 (Blum & Poe)

“It is satisfying to have this exhibition infuse new life in the home I designed for my family at the onset of my career and to see new generations of artists and designers bring their contemporary perspective into the space. In my own life and work, I find it essential not only to create work daily, but to also live among the objects and work of other artists, expanding my vision of the world” said Gerald Luss.

The exhibition aims to create meaningful artistic conversations between the past and present. Public visits will be available through carefully-coordinated, limited reservations on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the dates of the exhibition. Appointments can be booked beginning on May 5 at

The Luss House by Gerlad Luss. Ph: Michael Biondo

The entrance is free, open to the public, and conducted in accordance with public safety guidelines and restrictions on capacity. The exhibition will also be digitally accessible through installation photography, a newly commissioned essay by Glenn Adamson, and an atmospheric video tour including insights from Gerald Luss himself.

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