5–Out of Focus Domesticity

5—Out of Focus Domesticity

Global contagion has brought about changes at many different scales, including that which we inhabit daily. While the role of the domestic in our lives becomes clearer, our relationship to time and space is beginning to blur. At the same time, we are starting to see attention to the details that emerge in the performance of our constant present. Our daily rhythms have gone awry; we are homing in while spiraling out. With this in mind, this editorial explores what it means to stay at home, as much personal as critical, as much within the confinement of four walls as beyond them. It will delve into topics such as feminism and productive frictions, touching and exploring in digital spaces, the temporary and the temporal, dwelling as postponing, fictions and fiddling, mediums for gesturing, and experiments in designing for the unknown. As the editorial unfolds, some spaces that we reside in may slowly come into focus while others, instead, will open up new questions, paths, and domestic feelings.

Behind the Scenes of TomorrowAnew.org

Talking with founder Gabriel Kozlowski, we get to know this initiative that is addressing the pandemic by reflecting on the future and offering help on the ground.

Useable Tableware Designs That Go Beyond Usability

Jouw, the store of the experimental gastronomy project Steinbesser, has invited forty designers and artists to re-think plates and utensils.

Infinite Scrolls and Touching Keys

Can digital exhibitions be laboratories for rethinking bodies in space?

A World of Many Worlds by Elii Architecture and María Jerez

This design for Casa Decor 2020 is worth revisiting as it asks us to question our current moment.

Carlos Mínguez Carrasco. Ph. Courtesy of ArkDes

Carlos Mínguez Carrasco on ArkDes’s current show Kiruna Forever

A conversation about the importance of making a show during the process of the total relocation of an arctic town.

On the Screen: “Bodybuilding Architecture and Performance”

From your living room, you can experience this online exhibition that raises important questions.


A very personal “species of spaces” that became our starting point for Out of Focus Domesticity.

Weird Sensations Feels Good

An exhibition at ArkDes curated by James Taylor Foster that explores design and ASMR.