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Café Roquet by NUA arquitectures

Café Roquet by NUA arquitectures

Located in a place occupied for a long time by an accountancy office, Café Roquet by NUA arquitectures aims to transform an abandoned ground floor store into a cozy and bright space where it’s possible to enjoy signature cuisine and, at the same time, educative and cultural activities in the neighborhood. 

Ph. José Hevia 

The space is a shop between party walls with two façades, one that looks out onto the street and another one that is partially occupied by an industrial building. The first action taken was to look for a maximum transversal opening so that natural light could reach all corners of the new café. The urban façade is permeable and opens out onto the street blurring its boundaries. Its section is extended to create a habitable space both from the inside and from the outside, allowing in turn, the complete opening of the windows of each of the two access areas.

The second main intervention consists of discovering the existing concrete structure, which organizes the space in three domestic areas: the garden, the dining room, and the kitchen.  

The entrance is a transition space between the street and the café. The textile ceiling with inverted vaults looks like a marquee, an indoor festive space, or a pergola. The furniture design, with different dimensions and materials, and the incorporation of plants generate a relaxed area where children can play. The interior and exterior qualities of the space are regulated by the large metallic entrance frames, which, in turn, are a bench and a table. 

The main feature in the central space is a large table, a space for meeting and sharing. A bench with different tables runs along one of the party walls, offering a more private area to sit in. The other party wall contains a service and storage cupboard-counter. 

The third bay contains the kitchen open to the central space, the toilets, and the facilities. The concrete structure is completed with blocks of the same material and with steel windows that bring as much light as possible to the central space. 

Ph. José Hevia 

Café Roquet is a versatile and diaphanous space opened to the city to accommodate different activities, a little bit of home to enjoy new gastronomic proposals, and a garden, a dining room, and a kitchen.

DATE: 2019 / LOCATION: Carrer Abat Llort 9, Valls. Tarragona, Spain / AREA: 78,7 m2 (built) / PROGRAM: cafe / STATUS: built / DESIGN: NUA arquitectures / CONSTRUCTION: Marimon y Barrabeig/ CONSULTANTS: Enric Sanz (engineer), Gerard Joan (graphics) / INSTALLATIONS: David Orpinell / PHOTOS: José Hevia 

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