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Casa en la Huerta by WOHA Arquitectura

Casa en la Huerta by WOHA Arquitectura

For the project Casa en la Huerta, WOHA Arquitectura renovated a 150-year-old house located on an alfalfa plantation plot in Alicante Spain.

Ph. David Frutos  

The design closes the house to the road and opens it to the alfalfa plantation, creating permeability from the interior of the house to the outside.  

The house is divided into three longitudinal strips: the existing one, which houses the bedroom and kitchen; the central strip, which connects the house with the 160-meters-deep orchard, and in which the existing load-bearing walls were broken, beams were placed, and the upper part was closed with glass; and finally, the most private part is protected from the outside views by a sidewall. 

The living area with a barbecue and a porch is visually connected to the backdrop of the plot itself.  

DATE: 2019 / LOCATION: Alicante, Spain / AREA: 228,55 m2 (built) / PROGRAM: private house / STATUS: built / DESIGN: WOHA Arquitectura (Antonio Maciá Mateu y Ana Mora Vitoria) / TECHNICAL ARCHITECT: Francisco Navarro Rodríguez / COLLABORATORS: Marina Vázquez López / CONSTRUCTION: FRAVID Proyectos y management / CONSULTANTS: Justo Carbonell Paisajismol (Paisajismo) / PHOTOS: David Frutos

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