The Waste Archive / Jesus Meseguer

Spanish architect Jesus Meseguer addresses a critical ecology of materials by updating ordinary objects with debris

Atelier Gustavo Bittencourt

A Short Questionnaire with a Promising Brazilian Designer

AGNES Studio in Guatemala

Interview with Estefanía de Ros and Gustavo Quintanta, co-founders and creative directors of Agnes

The Andes House

Meet this design and architecture office based in Santiago de Chile, dedicated to the research and experimentation of materials.

House in Fontaínhas by fala

Portuguese office fala renovated a single family house in a very narrow lot in the city of Porto.

Origami Playground by AFA Group

Based on the origami principle, AFA Group designed a playground on Salarievo, a neighborhood in the outskirts of Moscow.

JOOKI: design from Colombia in Zurich

Two couples with the purpose of bringing back meaning to the things around us and connecting with the people, the stories and the roots behind design objects.

Stephen Burks Man Made

A conversation with the New York-based design studio, published in our latest printed issue of NESS.

Brave New World: LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch Design Challenge for a sustainable future.

Sustainable systems for energy, water, food, shelter, and waste management into works of art in the landscape in the latest design challenge by Burning Man and the Land Art Generator Initiative.

Behind the Scenes of

Talking with founder Gabriel Kozlowski, we get to know this initiative that is addressing the pandemic by reflecting on the future and offering help on the ground.

Color and Versatile Furniture for Creative Conversation

Inside and outside of a creative hub, Lapalma proposes versatile and colorful furniture for Milano Design City.

Objects in Variation: Flower Vases

A small selection of flower vases from designers around the world that redefine the many faces of the same object.

Useable Tableware Designs That Go Beyond Usability

Jouw, the store of the experimental gastronomy project Steinbesser, has invited forty designers and artists to re-think plates and utensils.

Infinite Scrolls and Touching Keys

Can digital exhibitions be laboratories for rethinking bodies in space?

This is My Square by Conjuntos Empáticos (Sálvora Feliz + Marta Benito + Tomás Pineda)

A project that studies the possibilities within the use of public space with a series of temporary-inflatable devices.

A World of Many Worlds by Elii Architecture and María Jerez

This design for Casa Decor 2020 is worth revisiting as it asks us to question our current moment.

Design as Project: Tibu and Sequoia Bar Stools

A thoughtful look at classic designs.

Wholesome Design: Bee Home by SPACE 10, Bakken & Bæck, and Tanita Klein

Ikea teams up with designers to develop a free open-source Bee Home design that can be built worldwide.

One of a Kind: Fuso, the Crystal Collection by Ries

A handblown glassware collection that captures matter in a unique and organic state.

Illustration by Daniel De León Languré, architect.

Playing with Architecture: Boxing Boxes / Caixas de Boxe by Daniel De León Languré and Carlos Ortega Arámburo

Boxing becomes a spatial tool for body movement and empowerment in this community in Portugal.


A very personal “species of spaces” that became our starting point for Out of Focus Domesticity.

Weird Sensations Feels Good

An exhibition at ArkDes curated by James Taylor Foster that explores design and ASMR.

Impress Dental Studio by Raúl Sánchez Architects Ph. José Hevia

Young and Fresh: Impress Dental Studio by Raúl Sánchez Architects

A new take that moves away from the sterile atmosphere of a dental clinic.

The Notebooks of Giancarlo De Carlo, Triennale Milan, Exhibition design by Parasite 2.0 Ph. Gianluca Di Ioia

Beyond the Diary

Parasite 2.0 has done the exhibition design for a show on the archive of the Italian architect Giancarlo De Carlo.

Courtesy Ryan L Foote

Architectural Bites

Artist-Designer Ryan L Foote reinvents chocolates for the digital age—and architects.

OBJECT Rotterdam, Aleksandra-Gaca, Ph. Jan Willem Kaldenbach

Moving Designs, Exploring Fresh Theater: NOMAD St. Moritz, OBJECT Rotterdam, and Madrid Design Festival

This month, a series of design events highlight both established and upcoming designers.

Bodybuilding cover: film still from Esquizo (1970) by Taller de Arquitectura/Ricardo Bofill, graphic design by Riley Hooker (2019).

Off the Page: A Reading of “Bodybuilding. Architecture and Performance”

We highlight a few ideas that stood out in this book that explores performance as a critical tool to rethink architecture.

Calera del Rey House, 2015. Ph. Federico Cairoli. Courtesy of Gualano + Gualano arquitectos

Poetry and scales. Managing Scales between the Territory and the Project.

Four projects by Uruguayan architects Gualano + Gualano.

Courtesy Wrappy Paper

Gift Giving Inside-Out: Wrappy Paper

Wrapping up our calendar is this eco-friendly and quirkily designed gift wrap.

PillowPillow by Schimmel & Schweikle. Courtesy Schimmel & Schweikle

Digital Aesthetics: PillowPillow by Schimmel & Schweikle

These designs balance between the archetypal and the organic and are created with a 3D software.

New Primitives by Bram Vanderbeke 2019 Inside/Outside Expo ©FranziskaKrieck

Present-Day Relics: New Primitives by Bram Vanderbeke

These sculptures explore architectural constructions and the Anthropocene.

Fold-by-number Napkins by Julia Lindpaintner

Small Gestures: Fold-by-Number Cloth Napkins by Julia Lindpaintner for the MoMA Design Store

These playful napkins encourage a return to the reusable for everyday dining.

Textured Imaginations: Material Exploration by Vincent Schwenk and Vitaly Grossmann for Imat-uve

Texturized: Material Exploration by Vitaly Grossmann and Vincent Schwenk for Imat-uve

These textures explore the limits between reality and abstraction.

Passages of Light by James Turrell Ph. Florian Holzerr

Powerful Effects: Passages of Light by James Turrell

Day 18 brings a powerful and emotional experience of light.

Flowing Water, Standing Time by Ying Gao Ph. Malina Corpadean

Mirror Effect: Flowing Water, Standing Time by Ying Gao

Day 17 brings robotic garments that react to the chromatic spectrum.

Design by Olivier Bacin (LABO) for David Lange , pictures by VIA , le French design

Levitating Lines: Formes du Vent by Olivier Bacin of LABO Architecture

These practical designs take the sand dunes formed by the wind as inspiration.

Feeling Shell by Hye Seomoon

Cocoon Time: Feeling Shell by Hye Seomoon

This cradle for adults brings a bit of comfort to our hectic lifestyles.

Perturbation by Gaëtan Didier, Derudet, and Ausseresse Jonathan

Expert Traces: Perturbation by Gaëtan Didier, Derudet, and Ausseresse Jonathan

This object is an exploration of expert material handiwork.

BTM Ceramics by Philipp Schenk-Mischke

DIY Deformations: BTM Ceramics by Philipp Schenk-Mischke

These ceramics are deformed through the reappropriation of an object from the fitness industry.

OooOoO a Skatepark by Koo Jeong A Ph. Gianluca Di Ioia

Playing Again: OooOoO by Koo Jeong A

The playful side of design abounds in this site-specific installation created for Trienniale Milan.

Chabanel II Collection by Foraine by Atelier Barda

Brutalist Imperfections: Chabanel II Collection by Foraine by Atelier Barda

This brutalist-inspired design explores material imperfection and minimal lines.

A Portable Territory by Urtzi Grau & Guillermo Fernández-Abascal (GFA) with Charlotte Haywood

No Occupation: A Portable Territory by Urtzi Grau & Guillermo Fernández-Abascal with Charlotte Haywood

Day 10 is a portable and temporary Jewish structure built in Australia on Aboriginal land that raises important questions.

Ceramic Sculptural Forms by Shozo Michikawa

Encapsulated Time: Ceramic Sculptural Forms by Shozo Michikawa

These ceramic sculptures are a contemporary take on the tradition of pottery in Japan.

Courtesy of Friedman Benda and Daniel Arsham. Ph. by Daniel Kukla

Distorted Futures: Daniel Arsham for Friedman Benda

In this FestiveNESS pick, Daniel Arsham builds a kunstkammer and reimagines classic archetypes.

Courtesy Designers On Holiday

Collective Making: Designers On Holiday

A design-filled creative retreat to collaborate and build structures for camping and relaxing.

Sharing the Energy: Sammanlänkad by Little Sun, Olafur Eliasson, and Ikea

Our sixth pick is a gadget that harnesses the power of the sun and promotes the sustainable.

XMAS Donuts by Studio Sabine Marcelis

Waste Not: XMAS Donuts by Studio Sabine Marcelis

These limited-edition ornaments are made from unused liquid resin.

Future Chocolates by Jisun Kim

Insect Aesthetic: Future Chocolates by Jisun Kim

Day four brings a chocolate that includes a very special ingredient.

Astral Bodies by Enorme Studio Ph. Ph. Javier de Paz García

Material Cuts: Astral Bodies by ENORME Studio

The third FestiveNESS item explores the materiality of meteorites.

The Sainte Collection Ph. by Arseni Khamzin for Lambert & Fils © November 2019

A Sleek Suspension: The Sainte Collection by Lambert & Fils in Collaboration with Rachel Bussin

The second item in our FestiveNESS Design Advent Calendar is a scalable lamp that dialogs with gravity.

Homage by Objects of Common Interest Ph. Stefanos Tsakiris

The Plastic Monobloc Chair Sets its Own Stage: Homage by Objects of Common Interest

First up in our advent calendar is a performative look at a cultural and flexible plastic chair by Objects of Common Interest.

CLUBE at Monte, Buenos Aires. Courtesy of Flora, Architecture Office

Thoughts in Architecture: CLUBE

A young Brazilian studio whose practice orbits around producing and discussing architecture.

A Trans-Scalar Approach to Architectural Design by Somatic Collaborative

An exhibition, a book, a house, and a table corroborate architecture’s role as a critical mediator.

From the book Architecture in Nature / Nature in Architecture. Section of Kure Island and the relationship between coral polyps and sea level change due to climate change over the past thirty million years. Section of Kure Island and the relationship between coral polyps and sea level change due to climate change over the past thirty million years. Hancheng Chen

Abstract Metrics in “Architecture of Nature. Nature of Architecture” by Diana Agrest

A book that explores nature through architectural techniques of representation.

Sea Things by Sam Jacob Ph. Ed Reeve

Rethinking Plastic: Sea Things by Sam Jacob in the London Design Festival

Exploring the role of design and architecture in how we imagine our waste system.

Courtesy of MDF Mexico Design Fair

A First for Mexico: The MDF Mexico Design Fair

Mexico is bringing its designs to the international stage in 2020.

Concrete Plant Park. Photo: Nathan Kensinger

Community and Climate Change: IdeasCity Bronx

An upcoming public festival at Concrete Plant Park focusing on New Ecologies.

River Lab in the Critical Zone by Courtesy Alexandra ArènesFrédérique Aït-Touati, Alexandra Arènes, Axelle Gérgoire,  The Soil Map   (detail),  Terra Forma, manuel de cartographies potentielles,  2019. © the artists.

Critical Zones. Observatories for Earthly Politics.

An exploration of the Critical Zone with Bruno Latour and Alexandra Arènes.

The Librarian Room. Courtesy of Parasite 2.0. Ph. Alec Latan

Total Hybridization by Parasite 2.0

A profile on this liminal design enterprise investigating the status of human habitats.

Model for the Neotenic Exhibition. Courtesy of Jumbo.

Jumbo and Juan Garcia Mosqueda on the Warm, the Cute & the Chair

A conversation about Jumbo’s Neotenic design practice and its larger implications on consumerism and design.

De Río a Sur, 2019, a collection that represents Argentinian design. Courtesy Lafeliz.

Lafeliz: An Exploration of Argentinian Design

A peek at Lafeliz’s new collection De Río a Sur and their unique approach to design.

Eleni Petaloti and Leonidas Trampoukis of LOT and objects of common interest at the installation Athlos for the Art Athina, 2017. Ph. Matthieu Salvaing

Eleni Petaloti & Leonidas Trampoukis are LOT and objects of common interest.

A shift from one scale to the other with subtle sophistication.