Plaza Houssay by RDR Arquitectos ph. Javier Agustín Rojas

Architecture for the Community: Plaza Houssay by RDR Arquitectos

Reformulating the relationship between a park and its surroundings, this project reactivates a forgotten public space in Buenos Aires.

It Has to Do With Time

An exploration of Manthey Kula’s post-potential drawings, site-specific projects, and an email conversation with lead architect Beate Hølmebakk.

Your reflection by Guillermo Hevia García and Nicolás Urzúa Ph. Adrian Aleson

Architecture as Experience: Your Reflection by Guillermo Hevia García and Nicolás Urzúa

A mirroring scenario invites visitors to a Chilean Park to experience public space in new and unexpected ways.

Urban Geographies by Pedro Correa

Contemporary Strategies: Common Places by Plan Común

A collective research that proposes critical solutions to encourage public spaces and social interaction.

Landscape as Cult. Courtesy Bureau Europa

Romantic Nature, Raw Cultivation, and Verticality in “Landscape as Cult”

Questions (re)emerge around landscape and nature in this exhibition at Bureau Europa.

Ladeira da Barroquinha by Metro Arquitetos Associados Ph. Ilana Bessler

Innovative Connections: Ladeira da Barroquinha by Metro Arquitetos Associados

A staircase that allows for different user experiences and that engages with the built heritage of the city of Salvador de Bahia in Brazil.

Grito Alcorta by Opera Publica Ph. Gustavo Esmoris

How to Remember: El Grito de Alcorta by Opera Publica

Memorial Space and Monument to the 100th Anniversary of the Alcorta Farmers Revolt.

To Rebalance the Landscape: Paseo Civico Metropolitano – Alameda Providencia Corridor by Groundlab

A historic avenue in Santiago is updated to keep up with the cultural necessities of today’s citizens.

Pyramids Playground. Courtesy AFA Group.

Urban Reliefs: Pyramids Playground by AFA Group

A play hub designed to redistribute activities between the courtyards and public spaces in a Moscow neighborhood.

Freight Station Hannover by AFF architekten & TOPOTEK 1 landschaftsarchitekten Ph. Hanns Joosten

Open Expression: Freight Station Hannover by AFF Architekten & TOPOTEK 1

A mixed-use facility that combines a historic façade with a contemporary public space.

Ph. Pablo Gerson

Landscapes of the Unstable

An exploration of landscape that opposes the formalistic, closed, stable, and objective.