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Collective Making: Designers On Holiday

Collective Making: Designers On Holiday

Courtesy Designers On Holiday

Day 7 of FestiveNESS is about exploring the playful side of making. Designers On Holiday is a retreat founded in 2014 by Tom Gottelier and Bobby Petersen for designers and curious people alike. During two-week stays in a permanent site in Gotland, Sweden, creative minds are invited to collaborate and design a permanent, semi-permanent, or transitory structure. The summer event raises important questions around sustainability, collaboration and, yes, relaxing. It is an exploration in making, both in terms of design objects and community.

Designers On Holiday

The Designers On Holiday (DOH) campsite acts as a hub for creative activities of all shapes and sizes. Designers are encouraged to collaborate, share, and teach one another tricks of their trade. The permanent location of DOH is 15 Acres of Gotlandic countryside. With a mixture of limestone bedrock and dense juniper bushes, the site is a source of inspiration for the holidaymakers who attend the annual camp.

Over the past six years, designers from different disciplines and countries have built a wide array of essential amenities, including a camp full of tents, micro cabins, a symbiotic hot tub, a plunge pool, two outdoor showers, an outdoor kitchen, a wood-fired bread oven, a one-man sauna, a ten-man sauna, a terracotta kiln, a viewing platform, a dining pavilion, a toilet, a swing, an observation platform, a waxed cotton sailing boat, a herbal distillery, a sound installation, a woodland cinema, a camp flag, a loom, soap made from the local flora, paint pigments made from the land, many a wonderful dinners, loads ceramics, and countless hand-carved spoons.   

Stay tuned as DOH will open applications for next summer’s event in the Spring. They invite applicants for a 1-2 week residency. Professionals from all walks of life are welcome to apply as they embrace a varied mix of people with different skill sets that can add to the site and to the experience of others.

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