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Color and Versatile Furniture for Creative Conversation

Color and Versatile Furniture for Creative Conversation

Lapalma’s DNA consists of pure materials and attention to the smallest details. The Italian furniture manufacturer has been operating for more than forty years, and their newest collections feature the same quality at a more accessible price range. For Milano Design City, Lapalma has reimagined a colorful layout and designs to fill the iconic Gorani square. Both inside and outside of the home of RIVIERA, a creative hub, the design interventions open up social and practical spaces.  

Inside RIVIERA. Courtesy Lapalma

The space in via Gorani 4, in the heart of the 5vie district, is modified to accommodate a new layout that introduces different colors, brand classics, and a new proposal: the stool Aaron, designed by PIO&TITOTOSO.  Aaron combines two products in one, stool and coffee table, and defines a new functional typology. It is characterized by a metal core that doubles to accommodate the comfortable padded seat on one side and the swivel tabletop on the other. It is ideal for moments of relaxation, work, waiting, meeting, or conversation. The uses that animate RIVIERA and its creative energy.    

Aaron by PIO&TITOTOSO. Courtesy of Lapalma.

Also introduced in via Gorani is another classic by Lapalma, Apta, a table designed by Romano Marcato that harmoniously combines the solidity of the powder-coated metal base with the lightness of the tabletop. The tabletop is raised from the structure and comes in either wood or Fenix. Its proportions match perfectly, and it is versatile in that it can function both in the living room and in the office.  

Also found inside the building is the award-winning ADDmodular systems designed by Francesco Rota. It comes in a new orange shade. 

Outside, Lapalma also emphasizes the iconic Gorani square with elegance. The Kipu ottomans, designed by Anderssen & Voll accommodate guests, like pebbles on the riverbanks, dressed in pink, burgundy, and gray. Accompanying the ottomans are the versatile side tables Jey  by Francesco Rota and Yo by Romano Marcato.   

Through these interventions, a transversal presence is created that is representative of Lapalma’s collections. Functionality is key, while boundaries between inside and outside are playfully explored with the idea that social spaces can be used, merged, and adapted.

Outside RIVIERA. Courtesy Lapalma.

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