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Contemporary Solutions: Casa Bamba by CCPM

Contemporary Solutions: Casa Bamba by CCPM

Casa Bamba by CCPM Ph. Javier Agustín Rojas

Casa Bamba by CCPM is located near one of the most important commercial and vehicular arteries in the city of Buenos Aires: Cordoba Avenue. Its typology is the traditional chorizo house of the early 20th century. Its renovated design has transformed its spatial and material qualities in time.

The update consisted of reformulating the building’s current condition and building an envelope that mediates between existing and contemporary construction technologies.

This device displays different tones of ventilation, circulation, occupation, and natural lighting that emerge depending on different connections with the pre-existing context.

Ph. Javier Agustín Rojas 

In the interior lot, two patios on different levels are bit through an enclosure that also manages limits. Its mechanical technology allows it to open, close, fold, slide, and lift. Its coating gives a glimpse of the material layers that make up the newness of the project.

Its interior is deployed with wooden surfaces and plasterboard, forming the infrastructure for the bathroom, kitchen, desk, and bedroom.

Ph. Javier Agustín Rojas 

DATE: 2019 / LOCATION: Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Argentina / AREA: 171 m2 (built) / PROGRAM: renovation, single-family house / STATUS: built / DESIGN: CCPM / EQUIPO: Constanza Chiozza, Pedro Magnasco, Gabriela Sinizi, Candelaria Gómez Smurra / CONSTRUCTION: Ricardo Rodríguez Prado (Structure), Oscar Ojeda (masonry), Patricio Construye (dry construction), CARPEAL (joinery), Oficios Asociados (metalwork), NOS Arquitectos (furniture), Matías Pérez (forge), Carlos Pambosian (galvanized work) / PHOTOS: Javier Agustín Rojas 

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