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Conversations, Magazines, and Cocktails: A Celebration of NESS in NYC

Conversations, Magazines, and Cocktails: A Celebration of NESS in NYC

Photo of the NESS launch event in the Leslie-Lohman Museum in NYC

After starting NESS in 2018 and publishing our second issue this year, we held our first event in NYC to celebrate. The event took place at the Leslie-Lohman Museum on September 23rd. Our Editor in Chief Florencia Rodriguez and CEO Pablo Gerson were present as well as contributors from NESS 2 Mad World Pictures including Gabriel Kozlowski and Laura González Fierro from the project Walls of Air and Virginia Black from feminist architecture collaborative. As we mentioned in the editorial of NESS 1, we are here celebrating the value of talking, writing, editing, publishing, to subsequently start talking again. Here’s to opening the door to new creative processes and sparking new ideas!

Amongst a lively atmosphere of conversations with new and old friends, magazines, tote-bags, LGBTQ art, and cocktails, we were pleased to present our project.

The energy from the event continues to motivate us in our exploration of groundbreaking ideas on architecture, life, and urban culture.   

We extend a warm thank you to all who were able to join us, those who support us from afar and, especially, to Gonzalo Casals Director of the museum for the invitation to host the event. NESS is a collective process; and our network of contributors, collaborators, colleagues, and friends is indispensable.

To learn more about Gonzalo Casals you can listen to our podcast episode. We also explored the museum’s current exhibitions.

Stay tuned and keep in touch for a lot more NESS to come!

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