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Encapsulated Time: Ceramic Sculptural Forms by Shozo Michikawa

Encapsulated Time: Ceramic Sculptural Forms by Shozo Michikawa

Ceramic Sculptural Forms by Shozo Michikawa

These striking sculptures by Japanese artist Shozo Micikawa bring a bit of natural equilibrium to day 9 of FestiveNESS. The sculptures encapsulate a transforming and poetic time within a functional piece. Created using the pottery wheel, these textured forms are a contemporary take on the firmly rooted pottery tradition of Japan.

Ph. Courtesy Shozo Michikawa

Kohiki Sculptural Form by Shozo Michikawa

Shozo Michikawa was born in Hokkaido in 1953. His ceramic sculptures reflect the untamed and rugged beauty of the landscapes of Japan’s most northern island, Hokkaido. Shozo Michikawa likes to use a lathe as a creative tool to manipulate his sculptures with the alteration of form, the cutting and faceting of the clay, and the making of composite structures and other decorations.

Micikawa studied at the Aoyama Gakuin University where he graduated in 1975. He has exhibited in Japan and also in the Philippines, Mongolia, France, Netherlands, New York, and London. In 2005, he had the honor of being the first Japanese artist to exhibit in the Forbidden City in Beijing.

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