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Feels like Home: Chaptal Residence by Nathalie Eldan Architecture

Feels like Home: Chaptal Residence by Nathalie Eldan Architecture

Chaptal Residence by Nathalie Eldan Architecture Ph. Loreno Zandri

The Chaptal Residence, renovated and restored by Nathalie Eldan Architecture,  is located in a historical building in the 9th district of Paris, the heart of the Nouvelle Athènes neighborhood. The late 19th-century apartment, which remained untouched for more than six decades, is a 150 m² property composed of a spacious living room, an open kitchen, two bathrooms, a laundry room, a walk-in wardrobe, two bedrooms, and an office space. The apartment was renovated and restored as a contemporary residence while maintaining its authentic features and fabric such as the wall and ceiling moldings, the main structural division, and its generous height.

Ph. Loreno Zandri

The apartment owner is a young couple that recently moved to Paris from London. Chaptal Residence was renovated in a way to meet their needs—built for an active young couple that loves to host and entertain guests. The layout was organized in a way that preserves their privacy and autonomy while hosting their friends and family. To achieve this, a large storage area was placed between their master bedroom and the other parts of the house, working as a sensorial buffer zone.

The refurbishment creates a feeling of home, of belonging within a quiet, light-filled, and timeless space without being over-designed nor following current trends. In order to attain this goal, the materials were curated with precision along with natural, raw, and light materials and colors. While the apartment’s oak original floor was restored, the bathrooms enjoy colorful terrazzo floors. The contrast of the natural oak floor and the bright white walls create a soft light as well as refinement and elegance. Natural light flows between the rooms bringing a warm sensation.

The two bedrooms are oriented towards the building’s inner courtyard. The shared spaces, the kitchen, living room, and the office, are oriented towards the street. Even though it is very spacious, the original layout of the apartment lacked storage areas and closets. Therefore, one of the main approaches was to provide built-in functionality and make the most of every “pocket” available. A wide walk-in closet is articulated in the master bedroom and a large storage area is accessible from the entrance.

Details such as brushed brass electrical hardware and door handles enrich the tactile experience and affirm the conception of architecture as a coherent project. The atelier also designed the bathroom stool, the entrance bench, the library, and all the other built-in furniture.

LOCATION: 9th District, Paris, France / AREA: 150 m2 / PROGRAM: Single-Family House / STATUS: Built / DESIGN: Nathalie Eldan Architecture / PHOTOS: Loreno Zandri

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