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Heritage and Community: Covered Market and Exhibition Space by Dominique Coulon & associés

Heritage and Community: Covered Market and Exhibition Space by Dominique Coulon & associés

Covered Market and Exhibition Space in Schiltigheim by Dominique Coulon & associés © Eugeni Pons

Before today, the building, located in Schiltigheim, France had several different uses. Originally a distillery, it was converted into a Butcher’s Cooperative. After that, it was taken over by the municipal authorities and turned into an exhibition area for young artists. It was shut down due to safety standards and remained closed to the public for a decade. Today, heritage formality and contemporary uses are mixed in this rehabilitation designed by Dominique Coulon & associés that aims to re-activate a misused public space while at the same time giving the community a roof for commercial and recreational purposes.

© Eugeni Pons

The substantial restoration project deals with the building in two ways: the emblematic site in the heart of the historic center of the town has been given a new lease of life, and its heritage and architectural integrity have been preserved. Its mixed program gives it the status of a public space, accommodating a market, places for shopkeepers, an exhibition area, and a creative workshop.

This new art center and covered market is set within an exemplary built context, comprising strips of land and remarkable examples of vernacular architecture. While affirming its contemporary dimension, it highlights the constructional and aesthetic qualities of the existing buildings on the site. In doing so, it returns to a process that has characterized the formation of our built heritage: stratification.

The sheltered summer bar extends the exhibition area. This generous arrangement gives an institutional status to the cultural center, which is intended to serve as a place where all can gather and talk. Inside, the architecture and scenography are used to promote spatial polyvalence by proposing efficient internal functioning and modulable light. Here, the exhibition area attains its universal ideal, becoming a single space with multiple uses.

© Eugeni Pons

DATE: 2015-2018 / LOCATION: 17 rue principale 67300 Schiltigheim, France / AREA: m2 (built) / PROGRAM: covered market, exhibition area, café, convivial place, ticket office, administrative area  / STATUS: built / DESIGN: Dominique Coulon & associés (Dominique Coulon, Steve Letho Duclos) / TEAM: Guillaume Wittmann, Mathilde Blum, Diego Bastos-Romero / CONSTRUCTION SITE SUPERVISION: Steve Letho Duclos / CONSULTANTS: Batiserf Ingénierie (Structural Engineer), BET G.Jost (Electrical Engineer), Solares Bauen (Mechanical Plumbing Engineer), E3 économie (Cost Estimator), Albizzati (Structure), Ertcm (Charpente), HUNSINGER (Exterior Joinery, Professional Stands), Vollmer (Interior Joinery), Geistel (Plastering), Helluy (Metal Works) / CLIENT: Ville de Schiltigheim / PHOTOS: Eugeni Pons, David Romero-Uzeda

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