NESS 1 – Editorial Letter

After a long creative and collective process, we are finally here, celebrating the value of talking, writing, editing, publishing, to subsequently start talking again.

NESS wants to be a worthy host: to entertain you and provide good company, but also to spark new ideas and present you with opportunities to reflect with no fear of being challenged. Certain crises offer chances to build.

That is how we experience our everyday work, as an ever-expanding learning process that is in constant motion, never fixed.

When we parse through this issue’s first pages, we cannot help but feel proud. The amazing group of contributors that has written, photographed, participated in interviews, and generously shared their work with us, seem to echo our optimism.

NESS 1 is far more than we could have imagined when we started: it has already set the stage for an intellectually defying cultural project—one that we are honored to embrace.

The artist Muntadas, our dear friend, often recalls the value of attention in perception. And that is what we hope to achieve: to gather, underline, point out, and interpret valuable work and worthy intellectual productions related to life, architecture, and urban culture.

So, welcome! Join our conversation and stay tuned,


Pablo Gerson & Florencia Rodriguez