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Material Cuts: Astral Bodies by ENORME Studio

Material Cuts: Astral Bodies by ENORME Studio

Astral Bodies by Enorme Studio Ph. Ph. Javier de Paz García

On day 3 of our FestiveNESS Design Advent Calendar, we explore the materiality of meteorites. From sites of ancient worship to apocalyptic films, the meteorite has been an object of interest and speculation for thousands of years. Despite the scientific investigations that accompany each meteorite fall, there is a lot of room left for speculation. Astral Bodies by the Madrid-based ENORME Studio delves into this world, considering how design can bring down-to-earth questions about this unknown territory.

Astral Bodies by Enorme Studio

Ph. Javier de Paz García

Astral Bodies by ENORME Studio

When a meteorite touches earth it is baptized with the name where it was found. This is the case for the meteorites Auria, Baroña, Cervo, Ézaro, Allariz, Herbón, Elviña, Sálvora, and Trevinca. They represent the places in Galician geography where astral bodies have landed. It is also the starting point for each meteorite found in the exhibition. Created using fibracolour, a DM colored in mass that provides aesthetic and functional novelties, the colors that make up each body help to tell the story of the singular traces that mark their histories. 

Auria is the meteorite that has fallen in the city of Ourense, hence its composition of yellow and black Fibracolour that is reminiscent of the ancient Roman excavations of the city. On the shore of the Atlantic Ocean lies the Castro of Baroña, one of the oldest Celtic settlements in Galicia. Another meteorite takes the name of this millennial site and is inspired by its different heights and infinite views. Also on the coast is Cervo, a small town full of color and vitality which gives its name to a meteorite composed of red, gray, anthracite gray, and black Fibracolour.

The gray Fibracolour, together with the Terracota Nova melamine design, are the protagonists of Ézaro, one of the meteorites with the most personality. Its colors transport the visitor to the ​​cliffs and waterfalls of the area. Also from the province of A Coruña, Elviña is composed of many layers of gray Fibracolour, which give a monolith perspective to a piece full of forms and subtleties.

In Allariz the vivid and attractive colors of the multitude of gardens that flood the city as well as the Lila Hawaii melamine design are the inspiration to recreate this gray Fibracolour meteorite.

The talcum green and the black Fibracolour make up Herbón. The meteorite takes its name from this municipality of Padrón, where the production of peppers is what makes it stand apart.

Another new meteorite, named Sálvora Island, famous for its beaches, cliffs, and wildlife, is composed of black Fibracolour. It veneers in a natural way as found in the wood materials of Palisandro Mumbai, Kandy Ebony, and Lebanon Cedar.

Trevinca, the highest meteorite in the Astral Bodies exhibition, takes its name from the tallest mountain in Galicia. Composed of black Fibracolour, this piece is the center attention of this astral world.

CLIENT: FINSA Wood / DESIGN:ENORME Studio / INTERACTION DESIGN:VITAMIN / PLACE: La Marina, Valencia Design Week. / PHOTOS: Javier de Paz García / VIDEO: VITAMIN / TEXT: Adapted from the press release by NESS

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