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Modern Nature: House in Takarazuka by arbol

Modern Nature: House in Takarazuka by arbol

House in Takarazuka by arbol Ph. Yasunori Shimomura

This single-family house by arbol is in a residential area of Takarazuka city, Hyogo Japan, located halfway up a gentle slope. As the client wanted their children to grow up surrounded by nature, the plan was designed so that daily life would foster this connection. The house is easy, comfortable, and compact while still being open and rich.

Ph. Yasunori Shimomura

The site area is faced on its three sides with roads. On the Northside there is a façade while open space is mainly found on the Southside of the house. The South-Westside provides access to the garden and an openness on the North and East sides produces a gentle windflow.

The roof is set with the gentle hill. This is done simply but, as it is fixed to the outer wall, the house has a rational structure and a formative design. The plan is simple: an L-line shape that encircles the garden. The first room is a living-room-like public space and at the back is a private space for bedrooms. In the middle of the house, there is a sanitary room that is accessible by the other two rooms. The walls and the roof create tilted lines. The angle gets sharper along in the back and the rooms look larger horizontally, making space rhythmical and spacious.

A kitchen island is set so that the space is compact but has a sense of unity with the living room. The L-lined shaped garden is planned for daily use. The Southside has a vast open space (of about five meters) in which five wood poles and curtains are used so that there is no separation between the garden and the living room. A part of the garden can be used as a veranda-like porch. As the site is constructed on an embankment and is visible for passersby, various kinds of plants are used to add privacy. The natural lighting changes along with weather and time.

By stretching the eaves away from the inclined ceiling, the traditional atmosphere of a Japanese house is softly reflected in a simple and modern space.

Ph. Yasunori Shimomura

DATE: 2018 / LOCATION: Takarazuka Hyogo, Japan / AREA: 182.23 m2 (site), 65.54 m2 (built) / PROGRAM: single family house / STATUS: built / DESIGN: arbol / CONSTRUCTION: Sasahara Corporation / CONSULTANTS: Ushiolighting・ModuleX Inc. (lighting), Creative Kinshouen (garden) / PHOTOS: Yasunori Shimomura

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