Antarctica 200 inaugurates its research activities


 Screenshot of the Antarctica 200 website designed by Pomo.

The research project Antarctica 200 inaugurates its activities this week (February 2-8) with a workshop in London organized by the Architectural Association’s Polar Lab under the direction of Giulia Foscari and Francesco Bandarin. We are thrilled to be a part of this research network! More information to follow soon.

Flyer for the inaugural activities. Organized by AA Polar Lab. Directed by Giulia Foscari and Francesco Bandarin. Guest collaborator: Accurat. Guest speakers: Prof. David Walton, Prof. Klaus Dodds & Ms. Camilla Nichol

Antarctica 200 is a cross-disciplinary project conceived to shed light on a continent that lies in the dark six months per year. In preparation for the 2020 anniversary, the program will focus on examining the evolution of polar structures from the heroic huts to the recent mobile and sustainable scientific stations, analyzing the technological challenges of building in such an extreme territory, assessing the physical and psychological effects of the unique polar forms of inhabitation, and mapping the geopolitical and economic implications of the Antarctic Treaty System. The project aims to unveil the unique traits of this exceptional continent laboratory, asses its indisputable role in the global ecosystem, question the contradicting preservation policies, and produce a body of research that will be debated at the Antarctica 200 World Conference, at the 2020 Venice Architecture Biennale, and will ultimately be disseminated in the form of a Publication.