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Nic Granleese and Elliott Baxter on BowerBird

Nic Granleese and Elliott Baxter on BowerBird

Screenshot of the BowerBird Instagram feed.

BowerBird is an online platform architects use to get published in magazines, newspapers, websites, and Instagram accounts around the world. As it says on their website “Architects don’t advertise, they get published.” In this episode, we are pleased to welcome Nic Granleese, the founder of BowerBird and Elliott Baxter, the BowerBird Explorer for Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. The conversation with our editor in chief Florencia Rodriguez goes from the beginnings of the platform to going global and from publishing architecture to exploring new media. 

Florencia Rodriguez in conversation with Elliott Baxter (left) and Nic Granleese (right) of BowerBird

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