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Old and New Adjoin in the Higashimatsuyama House by Kohei Kudo & Associates

Old and New Adjoin in the Higashimatsuyama House by Kohei Kudo & Associates

Higashimatsuyama House by Kohei Kudo & Associates Ph. Kai Nakamura

In order to incorporate a growing family, Kohei Kudo & Associates were asked to renovate and extend this 300-year old house. While creating the design, Kohei Kudo kept in mind the rich heritage that will be passed on to future generations as well as the current uses and needs.

Courtesy Kohei Kudo & Associates

The garden, the surrounding nature, and the newly created extension section not as a disjointed structure but as one piece. The structure was fixed and added based on each buildings’ relationship to a common material. The new plan consisted of three gardens and two large roofs. Under one roof there is the living room and the kitchen as well as the Nandemo Terrae or the multi-purpose terrace. Under the other roof, the space is left open to nature.  

The two roofs make up a type of wooden sandwich panel, making the space as large as possible. The shape of the roof was designed as a response to the surrounding nature. The elevation is very pliable: its angle and height are carefully balanced. With the downward-facing eaves on the side of the Nandemo Terrace, the garden is connected to the building while at the same time protecting it from the neighbor’s gaze. In the center, the eaves create an elevation of 4,6m so that natural light is captured and it becomes a place for people to gather.   

On the front part of the existing annex building, Kohei Kudo & Associates designed a new sunroom in aluminum that extends the living space to the outside. He used the same materials as the walls and the fittings of the new extension. Throughout the process, they thought about how to keep the memory of the building intact while incorporating the new. In the end, the boundary between the existing and the extension is fluid. Everything is placed in parallel, incorporating the nature that bridges the various units. Despite all the different structures, a single house is found. 

DATE: 2018 / LOCATION: Saitama, Japan / AREA: 688.26 m2 (site), 112.39 m2 (extension), 115.8 m2 (renovation) / PROGRAM: House, Multipurpose space / STATUS: built / TEAM: Kohei Kudo & Associates (Kohei Kudo, Hikari Oguro) / CONSTRUCTION: Sumiken Trading+Tokyu Holmes / CLIENT: private / PHOTOS: Kai Nakamura, Shinkenchikusha

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