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Origami Playground by AFA Group

Origami Playground by AFA Group

The composition is based on the surrounding area: on one side there is a high reclaimed hill, and on the other, there is a dense birch grove. On the playground, these two iconic objects meet and allow visitors to feel themselves in both places at the same time. The layout of the nearby courtyard sets the guide axes, which cut the site into 4 key zones, allowing us to combine the space of the yard and the site into a single composition.

Courtesy of PIK Group

Along the southern part of the PlayHub, there is a rocky hill with dense bushes, the height of which varies from 0.6 to 2.4 m. Its main purpose is to create protection from the parking lot and exclude transit routes through the site. Along the western and eastern borders of the territory, birches and shrubs were planted. All entrances to the site are oriented towards the residential complex. Such isolation from 3 sides allows creating a cozy and protected space. The territory consists of 4 play zones with orientation to a different type of game and level of activity: a stream with a waterfall, a sandbox, a swing, and a tower. The shape is based on the origami principle. The stone hill is made in the form of a classic origami with concave ribs in the form of folds, and for the architecture of the canopies and seats, motives of modular origami were taken.

All images Courtesy of PIK Group

STREAM consists of two parts: a channel with a constant flow, where the pump continuously pumps water, and a dry stream, where children obtain water by turning the Archimedes screw and the Nautilus. All water from two streams flows down a sloping plane of stone, creating the image of a waterfall.

SANDBOX is a platform for creative and relaxing games with dry and wet sand. It is connected to the stream by a system of wooden trays that supply water. The main visitors to this area are children under 5 years old and their parents.

SWINGS of 4 different types under a geometric shadow canopy create a play space and a place to relax for visitors of all ages.

Axonometric – general plan

TOWER is the highest element on the site. From its upper floor, one can see the surroundings and slide down. At the same time, it is the dominant which attracts the attention of adults and children from distance.

The lighting on the site was designed rather discreet: the LED strip built into the canopy emphasizes the sealed forms, and the lights for illuminating the trees create a cozy atmosphere in the recreation area in the evening.

Courtesy of PIK Group

The Origami platform is a place for acquaintance, meetings and communication of residents. In addition to a variety of play areas, special attention is paid to the parents’ comfortable stay: podiums and hammocks to relax in the shade of trees, a cafe with a terrace, and a canopy from the rain. The construction of the site laid the foundation for the formation of local communities.

DATE: 2018-2019 / LOCATION: Salarievo, Moscow, Russia / AREA: 3.000 m2 (built) / PROGRAM: public park / STATUS: built / DESIGN: AFA Group / CONSTRUCTION: Richter Spielgeräte, Kompan (Manufacturer of urban equipment) / CLIENT: Pik Group/ PHOTOS: Courtesy of PIK Group

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