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POSTANTARCTICA, a workshop with Fábrica de Paisaje

POSTANTARCTICA, a workshop with Fábrica de Paisaje

Myth, a topic of POSTANTARCTICA. Courtesy of Fábrica de Paisaje

On August 16th starts the workshop led by the Uruguayan practice Fábrica de Paisaje as part of Polar Lab AR, the Argentine hub of Antarctica200, organized together with NESS and Monte. The lab is part of a cross-disciplinary and international project, Antarctica200, directed by Giulia Foscari and Francesco Bandarin based at the Architectural Association in London.

Flyer for the workshop POSTANTARCTICA, a workshop as part of Polar Lab AR, Antarctica 200. Design Mariam Samur

POSTANTARCTICA is a workshop that proposes the exploration of extreme geographical areas through the construction of designed fictional arguments. It takes the conceptual and methodological practice of Fábrica de Paisaje as guide as well as the experiences of the Laboratorio Sol (Caribbean) 2008 and the Laboratorio Verde (Amazonia) 2009 workshops carried out collectively during the FADU / UdelaR Danza Workshop (Montevideo).

The workshop proposes the study of the architectural, landscape, and territorial potentials of the Antarctic continent, addressing fundamental issues for this region: the management of natural and environmental resources, energy, geopolitics, alternative occupation models, future vernacular architectures, waste management, and tourism possibilities. All of these issues are revisited through the idea of the “global garden.”

It invites us to build arguments that open and situate new scenarios, from the trends that assume the status of the territory as a global reserve, to more developmentalist trends that assume it as a territory available for certain uses, to those that are more extreme and that understand it as a place to be occupied in the case of climate change.

Oriented mainly towards architecture and landscape students and graduates who wish to delve into the construction of fictional arguments as a project strategy and to research and reflect on the territory. It will be held in Spanish at Monte, Buenos Aires.

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FÁBRICA DE PAISAJE –Fabio Ayerra, Marcos Castaings, Javier Lanza, Diego Pérez– is an area of ​​practice and reflection on landscape, urbanism, and contemporary architecture based in Montevideo. It was born during the summer of 2007 from the work presented at the International Ideas Competition of Urban Planning for a coastal area in the South of Uruguay. Its name derives from a metaphorical concept developed during this event, a metaphor that has been expanded and enriched to become an instrument to share and demonstrate a generational concern about how to intervene in the contemporary disciplinary territory with a different approach. It explores how to think in depth about the future of landscape, urbanism, and architecture from the continental South.

Learn more about our Polar Lab report here!

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