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Silent Revolutions: adamo-faiden Talk from (and About) Buenos Aires

Silent Revolutions: adamo-faiden Talk from (and About) Buenos Aires

La Vecindad Plaza Mafalda. From the podcast with Adamo-Faiden Ph. Javier Agustín Rojas.

Sebastián Adamo and Marcelo Faiden have been working together since their university days. In 2005, they became official partners when they founded the firm adamo-faiden. They also teach in different universities and consider this academic activity as an important framework for their work. Based in Buenos Aires and recognizing it as a place with its own attributes to explore, they talk about the uses, the references, and the images of the buildings that fill the city as well as the attitudes of contemporary architects. As they have now achieved a substantial quantity of projects in different scales, they are able to reflect on their practice with a thoughtful distance.

“We love to talk about our work as a disciplinary evolution. Architecture is one of the little disciplines that often tries to reinvent itself as if it is not an accumulative practice. We try to position ourselves in a vast landscape of precedents. We see ourselves crossed by all that information.”

– Adamo-Faiden

“Buenos Aires’s society is extremely open to new ways of appropriation and has an unusual trust in their professionals. The extremely weird and inefficient plots that are available for building are a great opportunity to regenerate the urban landscape. Therefore, it is an ideal laboratory to mature as an architect.”  


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