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Sloped Simplicity: Residential Building Gapont by Uli Mayer and Urs Hüssy

Sloped Simplicity: Residential Building Gapont by Uli Mayer and Urs Hüssy

The new residential building by Uli Mayer and Urs Hüssy is located in the rear part of the historic buildings along Gapont Street in the ancient center of Triesen, Liechtenstein. The new construction extends downhill towards the West,  following the narrow silhouette of the plot. Its program includes three dwellings: the two upper ones are five-and-a-half room apartments and the lower one is a two-and-a-half room apartment with direct access to the yard. 

The volume with the living spaces flows along the slope and rests on a concrete plinth. The bedrooms are separated from the common rooms by steps, designed according to the slope and the orientation. As a natural consequence, the day and night areas are zoned off.

The building is constructed from timber and the storage rooms and staircase are made with insulated concrete. The architects left the surfaces natural. The outer larch skin is untreated and will turn grey in the future depending on its orientation. Inside, the solid wooden walls are visible and are only treated with a white glaze. 

The shape of the windows format refers to the regular openings of the former cotton factory, which dominates the villager’s images of the immediate surroundings. The inclination of one of the windows loosens the formats unity and enables an extended view from the rooms to the nearby mountains. 

DATE: 2010-2015 / LOCATION: Triesen, Liechtenstein / AREA: 2487 m3 / PROGRAM: Residential Building / STATUS: Built / TEAM: Uli Mayer, Urs Hüssy, Tina Toldo / PHOTOS: Erica Overmeer. Courtesy the architects. / TEXT: Adapted from the press release by NESS.

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