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Somatic Collaborative on Scales, Research, and Activism

Somatic Collaborative on Scales, Research, and Activism

Felipe Correa and Devin Dobrowolski at the Chicago Architecture Biennial, 2019. Ph. Pablo Gerson

Somatic Collaborative is a research-based design practice that focuses on a speculative approach to architecture, landscape, and urbanism founded by Felipe Correa and Anthony Acciavatti in 2008. Cutting across multiple scales—from interior furnishings to open territories—Somatic uses the architectural commission, design competitions, and diverse forms of applied research as conduits that facilitate an inventive construction of space.

In this episode, Florencia Rodriguez speaks with Felipe Correa, Founder and Managing Partner, and with Devin Dobrowolski, Director of Applied Research Projects, about the singularity and scalability of their practice, the role of research, and activism.

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