NESS is a printed publication about architecture, life, and urban culture launched in March 2018. We are in continuous dialogue with provocative designers, users, developers, and thinkers to expand and diversify our conversations and to be open to new visions and ideas. It is divided into Browser, The Dossier, and Documents.


NESS 2, Mad World Pictures, cover of publication

Argentina-based design studio fueled by a poetic exploration of materials.

Performative Archaeologies: The Work of Luis Úrculo
A peculiar storyteller that lets objects tune to and interpret anthropological, archaeological, or criminological ‘songs’ of our past.

Feminist Architecture Collaborative
A three-woman architectural research enterprise aimed at disentangling the contemporary spatial politics of bodies, intimately and globally.


Mad World Pictures

Picking up on the question “What are the limits to the possible?” posed by Jean-Luc Nancy, The Dossier places the issue of planetary representations at center: Richard Saul Wurman recounts maps as a tool for understanding; Alexandra Arènes and Bruno Latour develop new cartographies of The Earth; Giuliana Bruno defines ‘tender mapping; the exhibition Walls of Air drafts the immaterial barriers of Brazil’s architecture and territory; and Fake Industries speculate on the sudden invention of the Indo-Pacific Region. Also, Uriel Fogué, Parasite Lab, María Jérez, Jesse LeCavalier, and Sophia Al Maria dared to play with an exquisite corpse via email.


Michael Maltzan Architecture

Featured projects: Rice University Moody Center for The Arts, One Santa Fe, Pittman Dowell Residence, and a special profile on housing (Crest Apartments / Star Apartments / New Carver Apartments).

Ensamble Studio

Featured projects: Cyclopean House, Hemeroscopium House, Reader’s House, The Truffle, and Structures of Landscape.



The Art of Denunciation
Nine installations that rocked 2017.

Eleni Petaloti & Leonidas Trampoukis are LOT. Eleni Petaloti & Leonidas Trampoukis are objects of common interest.
These architects’ sibling practices shift from one scale to another with subtle sophistication.

Lena Wimmer
An outside-the-box thinker whose projects include experiments in space infrastructure and floating columns.


A report that brings together historical analysis, infographics, interviews, projects for the city, and a visual essay.


Between Cozy History & Homey Technics

A series of conversations on discursive refuges and projection tools for architecture. Rustically recorded but fully committed: Stan Allen and Jesus Vassallo discuss photography and its role in documenting architecture and the built environment as a filter of abstraction; Enrique Ramirez and Mimi Zeiger reflect on the aesthetics—or lack thereof—in contemporary representation technics; Emanuel Christ and Camilo Restrepo imagine the type as a vehicle for ideas to travel through building cultures; and Sharon Johnston and Florencia Rodriguez exchange views on curating in architecture. Lastly, the idea of the event as a refuge is tested while revising and mapping the biennial phenomenon.



Featured projects: Helsinki Central Library, Museum of the 20th Century, Saint-Blaise Cultural & Sports Center, New Generation Research Center, Housing and Commercial Space, 133-135 Rue Pelleport, Sciences de la Vie Building


Featured projects: Kukje Gallery, Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, Breathe – MINI Living, L’air pour l’air – Chicago Architecture Biennial Performance is Lots of Architecture’s monographic series. Each issue features one practice or subject for in-depth analysis: interviews, texts, and a variety of graphic pieces cooperate to unveil singular work that can globally inspire modes of thought about architecture and landscape. 1: Hashim Sarkis Studio 1, Hashim Sarkis, cover of publication.

The first features the work and thoughts of Hashim Sarkis, Dean of the School of Architecture + Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 2014 and curator of the 2020 Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia. Hashim Sarkis Studio has worked in rural and urban locations ranging from the United States to the Middle East in the fields of landscape, urban design, and mixed-use, institutional, and residential architecture. is the first comprehensive monograph on his brilliant career.

Co-Edited by

Lots of Architecture publishers, José Mayoral & Felipe Vera.

Texts by

Stan Allen, Angelo Bucci, Kenneth Frampton, Pablo Gerson, Gabriel Kozlowski, José Mayoral, Luca Molinari, Florencia Rodriguez, Hashim Sarkis, Nader Tehrani & Felipe Vera.


Balloon Landing Park
Housing for the Fishermen
Daily Mosque
Town Hall & Park
Float Pavilion
Watermelon Landscape