digital design

Infinite Scrolls and Touching Keys

Can digital exhibitions be laboratories for rethinking bodies in space?

PillowPillow by Schimmel & Schweikle. Courtesy Schimmel & Schweikle

Digital Aesthetics: PillowPillow by Schimmel & Schweikle

These designs balance between the archetypal and the organic and are created with a 3D software.

Textured Imaginations: Material Exploration by Vincent Schwenk and Vitaly Grossmann for Imat-uve

Texturized: Material Exploration by Vitaly Grossmann and Vincent Schwenk for Imat-uve

These textures explore the limits between reality and abstraction.

Flowing Water, Standing Time by Ying Gao Ph. Malina Corpadean

Mirror Effect: Flowing Water, Standing Time by Ying Gao

Day 17 brings robotic garments that react to the chromatic spectrum.

Sea Things by Sam Jacob Ph. Ed Reeve

Rethinking Plastic: Sea Things by Sam Jacob in the London Design Festival

Exploring the role of design and architecture in how we imagine our waste system.