Café Camaleón – Casa Camper / MVRDV + GRAS Arquitectos + Laura V Rave

Occupying the ground floor of the Casa Camper Berlin, Café Camaleón combines a hotel lobby, restaurant, and retail showcase in the same space. Using carefully selected material details, the design creates a color gradient that serves as a strong visual motif to organize the interior.

Roche Multifunctional Workspace Building / Christ & Gantenbein

Swiss office Christ & Gantenbein completes interactive and multi-functional workspace building in Germany, a place to provide a generous, non-hierarchical space for Roche’s employees to meet and work.

Wohnregal / FAR frohn&rojas

Using pre-cast concrete elements, Santiago and Los Angeles-based office FAR frohn&rojas, design a 6-story building in Berlin housing live/work ateliers.

Herbert-Wehner-Haus / JWA

Joint building ventures are a good innovation: a number of occupants band together to collectively acquire a property to execute a design according to their common interests but these can vary widely. Most joint building ventures simply want good-quality and affordable housing. Others want to jointly establish commercial and creative areas. The task of JWA was to design a building for a joint building venture composed of various social-democratic institutions, their roots stretching back over decades, indeed in part over centuries.

Haus D – Aretz Dürr Architektur

The archetype of a house is combined with low-cost construction for a sustainable dwelling in Germany, resulting in a project of great spatiality, constructive simplicity and extreme care in the details.

Freight Station Hannover by AFF architekten & TOPOTEK 1 landschaftsarchitekten Ph. Hanns Joosten

Open Expression: Freight Station Hannover by AFF Architekten & TOPOTEK 1

A mixed-use facility that combines a historic façade with a contemporary public space.

Parish Hall Herbolzheim by Kuhn und Lehmann © Achim Birnbaum

Graceful yet Functional: Parish Hall Herbolzheim by Kuhn und Lehmann Architekten

Four programmatic cores define the boundaries of the empty space that forms the heart of this Parish hall.

WERK12 by MVRDV Ph. Ossip van Duivenbode

Comic Transformation: WERK12 by MVRDV

The Dutch office completed a new mixed-used building located in a former industrial site.

Casa Morgana by J. MAYER H. und Partner Architekten Ph. David Franck

Out of Context: Casa.Morgana by J. MAYER H. und Partner Architekten

This renovated house distills and continues the archaic and brutalist aesthetic of the time in which it was built.