LEDGE HOUSE / Desai Chia Architecture

Located in an unbeatable environment, this cabin takes inspiration from the classic barns to reinterpret it in a contemporary home that takes advantage of every view and every space.

Chiayi Art Museum plaza by MOTIF

The Chinese landscape planning studio designed the courtyard for this newly renovated modern art museum designed by StudioBase Architects.

Origami Playground by AFA Group

Based on the origami principle, AFA Group designed a playground on Salarievo, a neighborhood in the outskirts of Moscow.

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Fracking Landscapes, Regenerative Empathy, and Ocean Energy Landscapes

Three projects by the Argentinian Landscape architect Stefano Romagnoli.

The Garden of Forking Paths by Beals Lyon Arquitectos Ph. Cristóbal Palma

An Invitation to Explore: The Garden of Forking Paths by Beals Lyon Arquitectos

An installation within a park in Santiago that invites people to disconnect from the daily rush and dive into different narratives.

Parque del Centro de Exposiciones y Convenciones, by Bullan Ph. Fernando Schapochnik

Functional Landscape: Parque del Centro de Exposiciones y Convenciones by Bulla

In the existing urban landscape, a Convention Center is placed on a lower level and a park is created on its roof.

The Discovery Slides at Jewel Changi Airport complex by CARVE and Playpoint Ph. Playpoint (SINGAPORE) Pte Ltd

The Discovery Slides at Jewel Changi Airport complex by CARVE and Playpoint

An adventurous sliding attraction inside the Jewel Changi Airport.

Courtesy of Enlace Arquitectura

The Meeting Place: Plaza Jorge Somaca, Chapellín by Enlace Arquitectura

A restoration of a plaza located in an informal settlement in Venezuela developed together with the community.

Tainan Spring by MVRDV Ph. Daria Scagliola

A Peaceful, Urban Jungle: Tainan Spring by MVRDV

MVRDV completes Tainan Spring, a lush lagoon and park in the preserved ruin of a mall in central Tainan.

Overview. Dom Pedro II Park by FUPAM / LUME, H+F Arquitetos, Metrópole Arquitetos, UNA Arquitetos

Breaking Dichotomies: Dom Pedro II Park by FUPAM / LUME, H+F Arquitetos, Metrópole Arquitetos, UNA Arquitetos

A masterplan for the city of São Paulo that re-signifies the existent urban landscape in a project that speaks of both form and functionality.

Aerial view of the park Nabor Carrillo Lake, Courtesy PELT

Green and Bold: Lake Texcoco Ecological Park by Iñaki Echeverría Guitiérrez

An urban scale recovery process in Mexico that aims to regain the city’s natural landscape while improving its hydrological management.

Memorial to Victims of Violence in Mexico by Gaeta Springall Arquitectos Ph. Sandra Pereznieto Courtesy of Gaeta Springall Arquitectos

To Design, To Remember: Memorial to Victims of Violence in Mexico by Gaeta Springall Arquitectos

A memorial park in Mexico City that reflects on the process of creating a dynamic and sensitive public space in an urban context.

Jiangyin Greenway Loop by BAU Ph. Pavel Shubskiy - Egghead Photo

Flowing Paths: Jiangyin Greenway Loop by BAU

The project responds to the Yangtze River, creating new connections and circulations for this city in China.

Host and Nectar Garden Building by Husos ph. Manuel Salinas

Sensitive and Efficient: Bioclimatic Prototype of a Host and Nectar Garden Building by Husos

A building in Colombia that explores the relationship between eco-friendly devices and the social and cultural practices of its inhabitants.

Plaza Houssay by RDR Arquitectos ph. Javier Agustín Rojas

Architecture for the Community: Plaza Houssay by RDR Arquitectos

Reformulating the relationship between a park and its surroundings, this project reactivates a forgotten public space in Buenos Aires.

It Has to Do With Time

An exploration of Manthey Kula’s post-potential drawings, site-specific projects, and an email conversation with lead architect Beate Hølmebakk.

Urban Geographies by Pedro Correa

Contemporary Strategies: Common Places by Plan Común

A collective research that proposes critical solutions to encourage public spaces and social interaction.

Ladeira da Barroquinha by Metro Arquitetos Associados Ph. Ilana Bessler

Innovative Connections: Ladeira da Barroquinha by Metro Arquitetos Associados

A staircase that allows for different user experiences and that engages with the built heritage of the city of Salvador de Bahia in Brazil.

Grito Alcorta by Opera Publica Ph. Gustavo Esmoris

How to Remember: El Grito de Alcorta by Opera Publica

Memorial Space and Monument to the 100th Anniversary of the Alcorta Farmers Revolt.

What is a River in California?

Heidegger, technological control, and the artistic perspective meet to explore California’s rivers.

Pyramids Playground. Courtesy AFA Group.

Urban Reliefs: Pyramids Playground by AFA Group

A play hub designed to redistribute activities between the courtyards and public spaces in a Moscow neighborhood.

Baakenpark by Atelier Loidl © Mark Pflueger

Urban Excursion: Baakenpark by Atelier Loidl

This intervention transforms a former industrial site into a new urban park for the HafenCity quarter in Hamburg, Germany.

Installation view of Julian Charrière: Towards No Earthly Pole at Sean Kelly, New York
 January 31 – March 21, 2020
 Photography: Jason Wyche, New York
 Courtesy: Sean Kelly, New York

Shapes and Voids: “Towards No Earthly Pole” by Julian Charrière

This solo exhibition at Sean Kelly in New York features polar landscapes and explores how humans and the natural are inextricably linked.

Face to Face/Tête à Tête by PLANT Architect Inc. Ph. Steven Evans Photography

Conversation Piece: Face to Face/Tête à Tête by PLANT Architect Inc.

A transformation of parking spaces into an animated—and concentrated—parklet.

Freight Station Hannover by AFF architekten & TOPOTEK 1 landschaftsarchitekten Ph. Hanns Joosten

Open Expression: Freight Station Hannover by AFF Architekten & TOPOTEK 1

A mixed-use facility that combines a historic façade with a contemporary public space.

Ph. Pablo Gerson

Landscapes of the Unstable

An exploration of landscape that opposes the formalistic, closed, stable, and objective.

Calera del Rey House, 2015. Ph. Federico Cairoli. Courtesy of Gualano + Gualano arquitectos

Poetry and scales. Managing Scales between the Territory and the Project.

Four projects by Uruguayan architects Gualano + Gualano.

Martín Gualano from Gualano Gualano Architects. Ph. Grupo Mass International Architecture Biennial of Buenos Aires

Gualano + Gualano on how to Negotiate with Scales and Territories

In this episode, we talk with Marcelo and Martín Gualano about their Uruguayan practice.

N.N. Residence, by J.MAYER H und Partner Ph. Ilya Ivanov

Landscape and Architecture: N.N. Residence by J.MAYER H und Partner

This house, located in the outskirts of Moscow, explores the dissolution of the boundary between interior and exterior.

Close to Nature: Casa João de Barro by Brazilian Firm Terra e Tuma

Brazilian office Terra e Tuma designed a house that merges with the surrounding landscape.

The Cells of Life by Charles Jencks at Jupiter Artland. Image by Allan Pollok-Morris, courtesy of Jupiter Artland.

Designer, Landscape architect, and theorist Charles Jencks dies at age 80

A tribute to the influential thinker and author of The Language of Post-Modern Architecture.

Guayacan Pavilion by Ambrosi Etchegaray © Jaime Navarro

A Place for Nature: Guayacan Pavilion by AMBROSI ETCHEGARAY

A nursery for the care and reproduction of the Guayacan tree in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Central Square of Naberezhnye Chelny / DROM Ph. Evgeny Evgrafov

A Fresh Look at Public Space in Russia by DROM

The architects created a sustainable design for the soviet city Naberezhnye Chelny.

Installation image, FOOD Bigger than the Plate at V&A ©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Community and Resilience: “FOOD: Bigger than the Plate” at the V&A

An exploration of the future of food in this London exhibition.

Into the Hedge_Plan. Courtesy of SO – IL

Into the Hedge: A New Commission by SO – IL

SO – IL has been commissioned by Exhibit Columbus to create a temporary installation on the Bartholomew County Courthouse Lawn.

A History of the Future

Artists Sayler / Morris photograph fragments of climate change in Peru.

Garden Hotpot Restaurant by MUDA-Architects. © Arch-Exist - MUDA-Architects

Garden Hotpot Restaurant by MUDA-Architects

Chinese office MUDA Architects designs a restaurant in a lotus pond hidden in a eucalyptus forest.

Myth, a topic of POSTANTARCTICA. Courtesy of Fábrica de Paisaje

POSTANTARCTICA, a workshop with Fábrica de Paisaje

An event led by Fabrica de paisaje in collaboration with the Polar Lab AR team