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Photo of the NESS launch event in the Leslie-Lohman Museum in NYC

Conversations, Magazines, and Cocktails: A Celebration of NESS in NYC

A round-up of the event held at the Leslie-Lohman Museum on September 23rd.

Tradition and Location of architecture events 2016-2018

Celebrating Architecture

The biennial as a regional, collective, and inconclusive phenomenon.

Into the Hedge_Plan. Courtesy of SO – IL

Into the Hedge: A New Commission by SO – IL

SO – IL has been commissioned by Exhibit Columbus to create a temporary installation on the Bartholomew County Courthouse Lawn.

Jing Liu of SO – IL and Florencia Rodriguez in conversation.

SO – IL: A Conversation with Jing Liu

Jing Liu and Florencia Rodriguez talk about the practice, “cocooning,” and productive misunderstandings.

Installation view of Stan Allen Architect, “The Balloon Frame Revisited,” Chicago Architecture Biennial, 2017. Ph. Steve Hall, Hall Merrick Photographers.


An extract of a compelling conversation on photography and architecture.

“Power, Consumption, and Lies,” by New Order, Factory, 1983. Ph. Mariam Samur. For the conversation between Mimi Zeiger & Enrique Ramirez


A glimpse into their conversation on contemporary aesthetics.