Karen Kubey on Spatial Justice Through Social Housing

This episode explores bridging the gap between politics and design in affordable housing.

Photo of the The Mile-Long Opera, 2018. A project by Agustin Schang. Credit: DSR + Iwan Baan, Liz Ligon, Timothy Schenck

Agustin Schang on Being a Cultural Instigator

A conversation about architecture in the expanded field of cultural production.

Felipe Correa and Devin Dobrowolski at the Chicago Architecture Biennial, 2019. Ph. Pablo Gerson

Somatic Collaborative on Scales, Research, and Activism

Felipe Correa and Devin Dobrowolski in conversation with Florencia Rodriguez about the singularity of their practice.

Architecture is Not Enough: Giovanna Borasi on Expanding Formats and New Challenges

In episode 6, we learn about Borasi’s thoughts on expanding formats as well as what’s to come for the CCA.

Gonzalo Casals presenting "An ABC for Cultural Democracy" at Monte, Buenos Aire Argentina. Ph. Mariam Samur

Gonzalo Casals on Cultural Planning and Community Building

Gonzalo Casals speaks with Florencia Rodriguez about his multi-faceted career.

Screenshot of the BowerBird Instagram feed.

Nic Granleese and Elliott Baxter on BowerBird

Florencia Rodriguez speaks with Nic and Elliott about their platform that helps architects get published.

Model for the Neotenic Exhibition. Courtesy of Jumbo.

Jumbo and Juan Garcia Mosqueda on the Warm, the Cute & the Chair

A conversation about Jumbo’s Neotenic design practice and its larger implications on consumerism and design.