Illustration by Daniel De León Languré, architect.

Playing with Architecture: Boxing Boxes / Caixas de Boxe by Daniel De León Languré and Carlos Ortega Arámburo

Boxing becomes a spatial tool for body movement and empowerment in this community in Portugal.

Urban Geographies by Pedro Correa

Contemporary Strategies: Common Places by Plan Común

A collective research that proposes critical solutions to encourage public spaces and social interaction.

Polar Lab AR Presentation at the Buenos Aires Architecture Biennial

Polar Lab Panel at the Buenos Aires Architecture Biennial

The Argentine hub of Polar Lab gathered to present the first public speaking event on an ongoing investigation.

Criticism question Vladimir Belogolovsky

If I say that architectural criticism is dead would that surprise anyone today?

Belogolvosky discusses architecture as problem-solving instead of aesthetics.

Giovanna Borasi in conversation with Florencia Rodriguez

Architecture is Not Enough: Giovanna Borasi on Expanding Formats and New Challenges

In episode 6, we learn about Borasi’s thoughts on expanding formats as well as what’s to come for the CCA.

Gordon Matta-Clark, “(Étant d’art pour locataire),” Conical Intersect, 1975. Black ink on grid paper. Gordon Matta-Clark Collection, Canadian Centre for Architecture. Gift of Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark © Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark. Photo © CCA Out of the Box

Active and Tangible Tools: Gordon Matta-Clark at The Canadian Centre for Architecture

An exhibition series that explores the collection of architect and conceptual artist Gordon Matta-Clark through the eyes of three curators.

Cover Vivienda ¿Qué viene? De pensar la unidad a construer la ciudad. (Cover Housing What's Next?)

Housing in the Global South: Vivienda ¿Qué Viene?

A peek inside this comprehensive book on the potential of housing in building better cities.

A History of the Future

Artists Sayler / Morris photograph fragments of climate change in Peru.