Single Family House

Casa Caté by S-AR

The regulations of this corner lot prompted the construction of a house that develops vertically, taking off from the two short sides and stacking two simple prisms. The first floor is freed for the garage and the domestic program is distributed from the second floor.

House in Hakuraku / Tato Architects / Yo Shimada

Using the existing main house and a rental building composition, Yo Shimada designed this new house for a family that requested “to be able to feel the presence of each other regardless of where they are in the house”. The result is a fluid, continuous, interior open space that connects the different uses and levels of the dwelling.

Camp MINOH / William Kaven

Located near Charlevoix on the shores of Lake Michigan, Camp MINOH, designed by William Kaven, embodies the rugged ethos of Midwestern life.

House in Ashiya / Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates

This concrete house composed of two offset regular prisms is perforated at precise points, allowing the surrounding green scenery to invade the monochromatic interior.

House in Sonobe / Tato Architects / Yo Shimada

This house stands in a new residential district in the mountains. Its apparently traditional architecture, a rectangular prism with a gable roof, is interrupted by a cut in plan and section that introduces light and air through a greenhouse-style space.

Haus zum Pudel / Marazzi Reinhardt

Thanks to the resulting partnership between the municipality, the client and the architect, it was possible to realize a building that offers added value for the site and the community at large.

San Luis reform / Manasseri Depetris

The renovation of this small apartment, located in the city of Rosario, Argentina, includes the addition of an unusual staircase that connects the two levels of the project and the design of large pieces of furniture that define the uses of spaces in a hyper-flexible manner.


The subtle extension on the south façade, which adds new interior spaces, made it possible to adapt this almost 300-year-old house in Sarnen, Switzerland, once again to today’s needs.

Cosmos House / S-AR

Cosmos is a small house placed nearby Puerto Escondido on the Pacific coast of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Divine House / Landry Smith Architect

With a simple but effectively organized floor plan, this cabin located in a privileged natural environment takes advantage of the views and blends in with its surroundings through a robust construction that contrasts the black cedar siding exterior with the white oak forms the interior carpentry.

House with patio / Guillermo Hevia García, Catalina Poblete

On the shore of one of the largest lakes in South America, is located this vacation home, with a central courtyard, designed by Chilean architects Guillermo Hevia Garcia and Catalina Poblete.

Leonidas / studio AAAN

Rotterdam-based architecture firm, studio AAAN, designed a patio house in a new neighborhood in their city

Re-House. Farm-house refurbishment in the hinterland of Bilbao / AZAB

Re-House is the result of the reform of an agricultural house in the 80s for its conversion into a dual home for its owners, an older couple and their daughter.

Michigan Lake House / Desai Chia Architects

The house, composed of three volumes defined by a concrete base and wooden elevations, opens to the surrounding landscape of Lake Michigan.

daita2019 / Suzuko Yamada

Inspired by a forest, Suzuko Yamada designed this very complex house in Tokyo, which has a scaffolding-like metal structure on the outside and wood on the inside.

Haus D – Aretz Dürr Architektur

The archetype of a house is combined with low-cost construction for a sustainable dwelling in Germany, resulting in a project of great spatiality, constructive simplicity and extreme care in the details.

Hillside Rock by SILO

Like a mineral, the architecture of the Hillside Rock emerges from interactions with its environment, without attempting to recede into nature.

North Bondi House by James Garvan Architecture

The project advances the traditional semi-detached housing type to better reflect the contemporary social and cultural context of Bondi, Sydney’s most iconic area.

Montauk House by Desai Chia Architecture

A single-family house designed to promote family interaction and a relationship between interior and exterior.

House in “La Place” by Deschenaux Architectes

A house that reinterprets Swiss vernacular architecture and is developed on a steep slope.

Ishawooa Mesa Ranch by Lake|Flato Architects

A single-family house in Wyoming that overlays traditional construction methods with a contemporary way of living.

Sculpted Forms: Heads House by SILO

A familiar sculptural form becomes the shape of this family house located in Goshen, Arkansas.