House of Flowers, Flowers Vineyard & Winery / Walker Warner Architects, Maca Huneeus Design, and Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects

Located near downtown Healdsburg, in the heart of Russian River Valley, and originally built as a winery in the mid-70s, the facilities on this 13.5-acre estate had deteriorated and become outdated. This transformation combine landscape and architecture to provide a quiet refuge, a place to celebrate community and friends through the experience of wine.

Swiss Consulate Chicago / HHF + Kwong Von Glinow

This project is a collaboration between Swiss Architecture office HHF and Chicago-based practice Kwong Von Glinow: the new Swiss Consulate Chicago, located at the Hancock Tower, was inspired by the Swiss-born Architect Otto Kolb.

Camp MINOH / William Kaven

Located near Charlevoix on the shores of Lake Michigan, Camp MINOH, designed by William Kaven, embodies the rugged ethos of Midwestern life.

Co-Housing Denver / PRODUCTORA

Mexican office, PRODUCTORA, designed an experimental co-housing pilot project in Denver for individuals or couples. It provides centrally located, low-cost housing for small households, while integrating within the morphology of the surrounding suburban context.

Sideyard / Skylab

The goal for this social and urban activator building, designed by Skylab in Portland, was to provide a noble stage for community activity and future public-private uses. Creating a series of comfortable and inspiring spaces simply framed with a palette of masonry, wood, glass, and concrete.

McNeal 020 / Atelier David Telerman

David Telerman built a pavilion in Southern Arizona: an inverted pyramid of reinforced concrete cast-in-place, sunk in the middle of the desert. It is a piece that blurs the boundary between art, landscape infrastructure, space and building.

Ardmore House / Kwong Von Glinow

The reversal of the traditional arrangement of living spaces on the first floor and bedrooms on the upper floor, advocates for contemporary living, emphasizing common areas, interconnectivity, and flexible workspaces with plenty of natural light and engaging with the surrounding urban context of Chicago.

Divine House / Landry Smith Architect

With a simple but effectively organized floor plan, this cabin located in a privileged natural environment takes advantage of the views and blends in with its surroundings through a robust construction that contrasts the black cedar siding exterior with the white oak forms the interior carpentry.

Six Square House / Young Projects

Rigid geometry and undulating lines fuse in Six Square House, a new residence by Young Projects

Ancram Barn / Worrell Yeung

Located in Ancram, New York, this barn functions as garage and storage space but also as a semi-covered recreation area with beautiful views of the landscape.

Michigan Lake House / Desai Chia Architects

The house, composed of three volumes defined by a concrete base and wooden elevations, opens to the surrounding landscape of Lake Michigan.

LEDGE HOUSE / Desai Chia Architecture

Located in an unbeatable environment, this cabin takes inspiration from the classic barns to reinterpret it in a contemporary home that takes advantage of every view and every space.