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Active and Tangible Tools: Gordon Matta-Clark at The Canadian Centre for Architecture

Active and Tangible Tools: Gordon Matta-Clark at The Canadian Centre for Architecture

Gordon Matta-Clark, “(Étant d’art pour locataire),” Conical Intersect, 1975. Black ink on grid paper. Gordon Matta-Clark Collection, Canadian Centre for Architecture. Gift of Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark © Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark. Photo © CCA Out of the Box

Launched in June 2019, the Out of the Box project by The Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) explores the role of the archive as an active tool to help challenge and redefine the role of architecture today. The project examines the collection of trained architect and conceptual artist, Gordon Matta-Clark, inviting curators Yann Chateigné, Hila Peleg, and Kitty Scott to produce different thematic interpretations in order to open up unexplored avenues of inquiries and new critical interpretations. By taking research as material, outtakes, and processes as guide, this exhibition series brings tangible questions to the architecture of our present. The second iteration curated by Hila Peleg is set to open on the 26th of September.

Courtesy CCA.

Material Thinking selected by Yann Chateigné
June 7, 2019 – September 8, 2019

The material thinking of Gordon Matta-Clark, stemming from a constellation of unexpected sources, brings together divergent areas of interest while still following particular lines of thought. Criss-crossing the histories of architecture, magic, cognitive science, network theory, anthropology, and ecology, the artist’s library invites an exploration of the hidden aspects of a continuous research process that is reflected in his considerable writing practice and the constant flux of visual investigations through photographs and drawings, as well as in sketches and drafts of concepts for proposed projects.

Through a reversed process that doesn’t simply refer to the documentation of finished works, Chateigné’s research and exhibition reveals a new system of themes and references that lie behind the radical critique of architecture that the artist unfolded during his decade of works; rather than reifying his collaborative process and merely exploring the artist’s visual production, the show highlights the physical, psychological, and conceptual processes behind it.

With Food, the restaurant he opened with Carol Gooden in 1971, the modification of elements through cooking is an even more direct reference to the magic of transformation. Other works that were based on actions such as cuts extend the notion of artistic practice as a form of ‘preparation’ in a more abstract and perhaps even political direction: every element of a work–building, material, context, individuals, duration, lighting–becomes an ingredient in an ensemble that experience transforms into a work of art. Within the artist’s library, books which characterize alchemy as a minor, forgotten, or marginalized (para-)science constitute the most important and coherent set within a collection that is organized around concepts of materiality and immateriality, and ideas of time and transformation.

–Yann Chateigné

CURATOR: Yann Chateigné / PROJECT DIRECTION: Francesco Garutti / GRAPHIC DESIGN: Joris Kritis, Belgium / DESIGN: Anh Truong, Sébastien Larivière / CURATORIAL RESEARCH: Louise Désy, Helina Gebremedhen, Megan Marin

Rough Cuts and Outtakes selected by Hila Peleg
September 27, 2019 – January 19, 2020

Curated by Hila Peleg, Rough Cuts and Outtakes, the second exhibition in this series will reflect on Gordon Matta-Clark’s filmmaking process through a selection of outtakes, many largely unseen until now, drawn from Matta-Clark’s documentation of three of his major building cuts (Splitting, Day’s End, and Conical Intersect) in order to reveal the broader social and spatial context of these projects.

CURATOR: Hila Peleg, Germany / DESIGN:  Joris Kritis, Belgium

Selected by Kitty Scott
February 02, 2020 – May 17, 2020

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