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The Andes House

The Andes House

The Andes House is a design and architecture office dedicated to the research and experimentation of materials. Based in Santiago de Chile, they develop objects, furniture, and spaces that seek to connect people in a fluid and current way with their lifestyle and inhabiting day today.

Prefabricated House, Santiago, Chile. The Andes House + Ignacio Rojas Arquitectos 

They have three important areas of interest and development: architecture where they seek to develop systems, parts, and pieces that can be applied to construction, which allow to streamline processes and make them more efficient. They also put a lot of emphasis on details and minor elements that can make a difference in putting all things together. This focus results in a simple and consistent architecture, and a building design with a heavy load on materials and their correct application.

Prefabricated House, Santiago, Chile. The Andes House + Ignacio Rojas Arquitectos 

Then there is the design area where they focus first on materials and then on respecting the processes that each materiality allows. “This is our starting point, where the correct use of the material during the manufacturing process of a product is essential for it to be a good design”, explains its director Cristian Domínguez.

Experimenta, 2013, by The Andes House

Plaza chair (2019) and Trama shelves (2018) by The Andes House.

And the investigation area where they rescue raw materials rarely used but with great potential, to reinvent and introduce to the market. Along these lines, for a couple of years The Andes House has been working on the most recent project: Espino that seeks to work with this type of wood often used to make charcoal. In a very detailed process where they rescue not only the wood but also the forest where it grows, they create annual harvests to protect this natural resource. The result is a unique and exclusive raw material with a very particular aesthetics. For this project, The Andes House has designed a line of objects that include a coat rack, shelves, and boards for domestic use.

Espino collection by The Andes House

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