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The Discovery Slides at Jewel Changi Airport complex by CARVE and Playpoint

The Discovery Slides at Jewel Changi Airport complex by CARVE and Playpoint

The Discovery Slides at Jewel Changi Airport complex by CARVE and Playpoint Ph. Playpoint (SINGAPORE) Pte Ltd

The Discovery Slides at the Jewel Changi Airport is designed by CARVE in the Netherlands and built by Playpoint in Singapore. The attraction is located in Canopy Park on the highest level of the new development, which includes a shopping mall, attraction park, and a garden, all in front of Terminal 1. In this canopied park, more than 1,400 trees and palms will be housed alongside many other attractions, creating the ultimate airport experience.

Ph. Playpoint (SINGAPORE) Pte Ltd

In CARVE’s original concept, the playground was designed like a sculpture resembling a gemstone; with parts that are carved out, the slides, stairs, and rope climbs, revealing the colored interior of the gem. The playground presents itself as a duality: a balancing gem with a slide attraction hidden inside.

At first, the sinuous shell was designed with mirror tiling over the whole structure. During the design process with the client, this manifested as a continuous and seamless polished steel skin wrapping around the three cones holding up the large access platform: a shiny jewel in the green forest valley of the park. It is an object that will attract people from afar. The shell, with its liquid mercury form, directs and accentuates focus on its surroundings, and visitors can experience infinite and surreal reflections of themselves. The rubber patterning on the floor was designed to create a spiraling abstract reflection.

The viewing deck of the playground will be the highest accessible point in the complex, giving a fantastic view of the entire interior of the airport terminal.

The bright yellow inside of the play sculpture contains four slides; a family slide, a steep drop slide, and two glass-covered spiral slides coming down from the highest point. The Discovery Slides structure has a complete double curved steel surface. Curved glass was used as balustrades, in the viewing floor, as spiral slide covers, and on the double-curved lid of the highest cone. Fiber optic lights were integrated into the rubberized floor surrounding the structure, while point lights were used in the highest con and LED strips on the perimeter of the curved glass balustrade.

Ph. Playpoint (SINGAPORE) Pte Ltd

The Discovery Slides playground spans over 18 meters by 16.7 meters in length and stands at 7.5 meters high at the highest point of the platform. Built and produced in three different parts of the world it is indeed a very complex and unique play sculpture. From concept design to realization, the project took over two years to complete.

DATE: 2015-2019 / LOCATION: Canopy Park at Jewel Changi International Airport, Singapore, level 5 / STATUS: Built / DESIGN: CARVE / TEAM: Elger Blitz, Lucas Beukers, Mark van der Eng, Jasper van der Schaaf, Hannah Schubert, Thomas Tiel Groenestege, Marleen Beek, Elke Krausmann, Henry Roberts, Gaia Glereani / CLIENT: Jewel Changi Airport Group / PHOTOS: Playpoint (SINGAPORE) Pte Ltd

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