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The House Between the Trees by Diego Arraigada Architects

The House Between the Trees by Diego Arraigada Architects

The House Between the Trees by Diego Arraigada Architects © Gustavo Frittegotto

The single-family house designed by Diego Arraigada Architects is located at the border of a mountain of eucalyptus plants near to the Paraná River in General Lagos, Argentina. Originally thought of as a place for productive use, the site is now residential. The superposition between the spatial logics of the antiquated afforestation and the demands of the contemporary uses defines the challenge of the project.

An analysis of the afforestation in the area determined the site for the house. A close relationship between the geometry of the house and the position of the trees emerged. The building consists of a main floor and two small attics. The horizontal proportion is in tension with the verticality of the forest.

The project’s strategy was to fragment the program in small, orthogonal volumes that contain private and secondary uses. These volumes are positioned at diverse angles, avoiding the existing trees and leaving a wide, irregular zone in the center. This center houses the kitchen, dining room, and living room, functioning as the spatial and social heart of the house. In the perimeter, the irregular angles create intermediate spaces between the interior and the exterior of the house, including patios and semi-covered galleries.

A simple gabled roof defines the upper profile of the volume, which takes on different heights as the walls and the ceilings intersect. The highest point of the ridge is located above the living room and defines the generous interior space of the main room in the house.

For the exterior, the architects used a black plaster that integrates with the darkness of the forest and that, considering the humidity and foliage of the site, will age well. Inside, the white walls create oblique and unexpected perspectives. Entering the house is like finding a clearing in the middle of the forest, finding the sky again from within.

DATE: 2015-2017 / LOCATION: General Lagos, Argentina / AREA: 269 m2 (built) / PROGRAM: single familiar house / STATUS: built / DESIGN: Diego Arraigada Arquitectos / TEAM: María Emilia Bertero, Josefina Bilbao, Melanie Borbey, Agustina Coulleri, Victoria Fucksman, Pablo Gamba, Oscar Merle, Florencia Meucci, Luciano Navarini, Mercedes Paz, Sofía Rothman, Florencia Sobrero / CONSTRUCTION: MAHON (Arq. Diego Mancilla, Arq. Daniel Gauchat) / CONSULTANTS: TEGGA (Ing. Fernando Tettamanti, Ing. Matías Hagge) (structure) / PHOTOS: Gustavo Frittegotto, Luciano Navarini, Diego Arraigada

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