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The Plastic Monobloc Chair Sets its Own Stage: Homage by Objects of Common Interest

The Plastic Monobloc Chair Sets its Own Stage: Homage by Objects of Common Interest

Homage by Objects of Common Interest Ph. Stefanos Tsakiris

The first of our daily design gifts is a performative look at a cultural and flexible plastic chair by Objects of Common Interest. The monobloc plastic chair is found—almost incognito—in many different cultural settings. Here it becomes an object in its own right, separated from its context, a player in its own story, a performer in its own stage.

Ph. Stefanos Tsakiris

HOMAGE by Objects of Common Interest

What is a lightweight, stackable, and copyable seating piece—the monobloc plastic chair—takes part in a site-specific installation during Art Athina 2019 transformed in various acting characters in a group seating performance. The unique pieces are rendered heavy, immovable, grouped together, cast in concrete bases forming a monochromatic environment that takes away any familiarity with the chair itself and repositions it in the given context in a narrative way. 

In the case of Athens, Zappeion, an edifice that has been the host of highly historical events, “Homage” is an homage to the epitome of the affordable, free of any specific context and—thus democratic––piece of furniture that is found and widely used in garden parties. From rubble-filled construction sites to manifestations and political events, it carries multiple cultural connotations. 

DATE: 2019 / MATERIALS: Monobloc plastic chair, Concrete, Neon paint / FOR: Art Athina 2019 / INSTALLATION DETAILS: The installation consists of 7 pieces: “Rocking”, “Together”, “Grounded I “, “Grounded II ”, “Melt”, “Impossible”, “Step” / TEXT: Courtesy Objects of Common Interest

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