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Undulating Spaces in the Exhibition Stanley Tigerman Rides Again

Undulating Spaces in the Exhibition Stanley Tigerman Rides Again

Stanley Tigerman Rides Again Courtesy of Volume Gallery

During January of this year, Stanley Tigerman grabbed the pen again to produce a series of paintings that seem to align with his early work during the sixties: monochromatism and optical illusion take center stage in a new exploration of spatiality.

Installation view. Courtesy of Volume Gallery

Last June, Stanley Tigerman passed away. He was one of the most influential postmodern architects of Chicago. Among other achievements, he was principal in the architectural and design firm of Tigerman McCurry, founding member of The Chicago Seven as well as the Chicago Architectural Club, and has built over 450 buildings around the world throughout his 51 years in private practice.

We are acquainted with the vivid collages and cartoons he used as architectural expressions, but this exhibition reconnects with his Yale-times artwork, influenced by artists such as Jack Burnham, Bridget Riley, Arthur Siegel, and his former Professor Joseph Albers. In this new series of paintings, Tigerman composed shifting black and white square-like shapes that create movement and an undulating surface.

On view until November 2, 2019 at Volume Gallery.

Early Works and Influences. Courtesy of Volume Gallery

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