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Visual Functionality: El Camarín by iR arquitectura

Visual Functionality: El Camarín by iR arquitectura

El Camarín by IR arquitectura Ph. Fernando Schapochnik

This small apartment, product of the fragmentation of a property built in the 50s in the neighborhood of Chacarita, in Buenos Aires, forms an ochava (corner space) on the first floor with open views towards the street. Designed by iR arquitectura, luminosity, visual functionality, spaced enclosures, and built-in furniture and storage are elements that define the project.  

Ph. Fernando Schapochnik 

Leaving out only a small bathroom, the demolition of existing elements created a standardization of the space. The opening of the wall that makes up the ochava allowed for visual and functional expansion. 

Spaced enclosures are used to create a diaphragm able to expand the use of the apartment in summer and to contract it in winter. It is a thermal mattress that, due to its geometry and texture, ensures privacy. 

On the two remaining walls, a piece of furniture containing a small kitchen, refrigerator, and washing machine is displayed. It expands and gives access to the existing bathroom, organizes technical lines, creates storage spaces, and gives shelter to the bed and desk that are linked to the rest of the environment through a library. 

DATE: 2018 / LOCATION: Buenos Aires, Argentina / AREA: 18 m2 (interior – built), 7 m2 (balcony) / PROGRAM: house / STATUS: Built / DESIGN: iR arquitectura / PROJECT TEAM: Luciano Intile, Enrico Cavaglià, Fermín Indavere, Esteban Basili, Guillermo Mirochnic, Rodrigo Perez de Pedro, Cecile Elbel, Sabine Uldry, Tommaso Polli / PHOTOS: Fernando Schapochnik 

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