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Where objects come from: Quick Tiny Shows #06 PN1

Where objects come from: Quick Tiny Shows #06 PN1

The PN1 online exhibition, jointly hosted by Nordic residency PAVILION NORDICO and Buenos Aires design space Quick Tiny Shows showcases 13 design objects by five emerging Nordic designers. The objects were developed in close collaboration with Argentine craftspeople, workshops, and design studios during the designer’s residency in Buenos Aires in early 2020. Curated by Juan García Mosqueda, the full dimension of the pieces its not to be taken only by its final appearance, but for the human interaction that took place in its conception. In this spirit, the objects are expanded far beyond their physical limits, gaining true meaning in the experiences, talks, and human interaction that occurred in the development of the exhibition.

Quick Tiny Shows is an independent initiative that was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to promote the exhibition of new ideas related to art, design, and architecture in different contexts. Founded in 2018 by Juan García Mosqueda and Ries, this agile platform aims to play a vital role in its region to open the doors to thinkers and experimental creators that are part of a global and contemporary conversation. QTS takes place every two months, and each edition is exhibited only for two days challenging the traditional processes of exhibition institutions.

Ph. Javier Agustín Rojas

In early 2020, PAVILION NORDICO invited five young Nordic designers to participate in their design residency program PN1: Nick Ross (SE), Olivia Tognelli Brontén (SE), Sigve Knutson (NO), Frederik Nystrup­ Larsen, and Oliver Sundqvist (DK). The designers were selected by the PAVILION NORDICO jury through an Open Call and invited to live and work in Buenos Aires for several weeks on a stipend. To develop the unique design objects, the designers worked in close collaboration with local architects and design studios such as Sur Del Cruz and Ries and traditional crafts workshops, including the last crystal glass factory in Argentina.

Ph. Dagurke

The objects are inspired by the city of Buenos Aires, the special artisan production methods, and local materials such as crystal glass, wood, aluminum, and mimbre – a type of wicker. Unbeknownst to many, Nordic-­Argentine design collaboration has a history: from the 1920s to 1970s, Swedish department store Nordiska Kompaniet produced and sold furniture in Buenos Aires, leaving its mark on Argentine furni­ture production. Today, the Buenos Aires design scene is entering a new renaissance owing to a unique combination of young talent, traditional craftsmanship, and a wide selection of materials. PN1 wishes to revive the historic connection between Nordic design and Argentine crafts in this thriving contemporary context. You can walk around the exhibition and learn more about the designers and authors of each piece here, courtesy of PAVILION NORDICO.

Ph. Javier Agustín Rojas

Mosqueda explains that the core of the whole experience was the human interaction performed between the creators of the objects. “[…] For us the social event comes prior to the unfolding of the exhibition; the communal meals, the collective field trips, research visits, the informal discussions at bars and restaurants, in other words, the ephemera that rarely gets documented […] These should be viewed as ‘relational objects’ that exceed the physicality of the works and their visual qualities and instead bring about the ‘what takes place between people’, in this case not the visitors, but the social circumstances lived by the contributors and those that participated directly and indirectly in the materialization of the objects”.

TEXT: Quick Tiny Shows and Juan García Mosqueda, edited by Ness / DATE: 2020 / LOCATION: Buenos Aires / PHOTOS: Javier Agustín Rojas (exhibition), Dagurke (process) / CURATOR: Juan García Mosqueda / Designers: Nick Ross, Olivia Tognelli Brontén, Sigve Knutson, Frederik Nystrup­ Larsen, Oliver Sundqvist / COLLABORATORS: Ries, Sur del Cruz, cristalería San Carlos, Bettina Nelson / VIRTUAL EXHIBITION: PAVILION NORDICO

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